The Most Beautiful Day (#postapocalyptic #scifi short film)

  • Published on:  4/27/2015
  • A young man named Sherman survives the apocalypse in a soviet-style alternate reality and when trying to find his place outside an isolated city, gets stuck in an underground bunker.

    IMPORTANT: Make sure your monitor is on a Neutral or Normal picture setting, some monitors ruin the film's dark scenes because they crush the picture and make it look too dark.

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    Original Soundtrack by Ross Bugden:
    VFX Breakdown:


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    Written & Directed by Einar Kuusk

    1st Assistant Director Karl-Jonatan Karits
    2nd Assistant Director Ivan Niroda

    Sherman Einar Kuusk
    Dead Traveler Peeter Lõo
    Male Cannibal Thomas Kolli
    Female Cannibal Kristina Sirel
    The Girl Adele Thele Kuusk
    Male Cannibal Voice Charles Washington
    Dead Traveler Voice Mike Else
    Male Wristwatch A.I Benjamin Patton
    Female Wristwatch A.I Redd Horrocks
    Creature Voices Peeter Lõo, Einar Kuusk, Karmen Kaarlõp

    Director of Photography Jako Krull
    Assistant Camera Indrek Arula

    Gaffer Karl-Jonatan Karits

    Sound by Markus Andreas

    Clap & Logging Aino Salmi

    Cinematographer Fil Vinokurov
    Assistant Camera Andri Peetso
    Production Assistants Maxim Filatov, Vadim Kozlov, Rainer Helin
    Clap Ketteri Nõmm

    Additional Cinematographers
    Sven Olters, Aleksei Kulikov
    Aerial shots Sven-Olof Englund

    Costume Designer Eliise Saar

    Make-Up Triin Abiline, Helen Marts, Jennifer Scholz

    Prop Masters Thomas Kolli, Sander Veertee

    Production Assistants Kris Kärner, Taivo Soobard, Peeter Lõo

    Produced by Einar Kuusk
    Co-Produced by Ivan Niroda

    Executive Producer Vincent John Conti
    Executive Producer Rain Rannu
    Executive Producer Alesh Slovak
    Executive Producer Markus Saun

    Associate Producer Rando Lee
    Associate Producer Andreas Heldal-Lund
    Associate Producer Anton Stalnuhhin
    Associate Producer Kalvin Kool

    Edited by Einar Kuusk

    Visual Effects Koit Romet Halman, Richard Bacsa

    Color Correction Jako Krull

    Music Composed by Ross Bugden
    Ross Bugden - Piano
    Carl-Johan Renault - Guitar
    Julia Handschin- Vocals
    Brett Yang & Eddy Chen - Violin

    "Awake With The Moon" by Syd R Duke

    Catering Marek & Mariana Rästas, Nopri OÜ, Jüri Aaso

    Driver Sander Veertee

    Behind The Scenes
    Reti Kokk, Sven Olters, Brit Tammeleht, Taivo Soobard, Liisy Pitka, Adele Thele Kuusk

    Special Thanks
    Tiia Rodi, Hendrik Saks, Tiina Andreas, Ants Andreas, Jüri Muttika, Sevil Šukjurova, Helina Risti, Bryan Moran, Adrian Kim, Simon Leong (With Ether), Timo Tiivas, Marko Noormets, Indrek & Oliver Eenmaa, Toivo Saar, Lauri Kivipelto, Mart Diener, The Kose boys, Telliskivi Loomelinnak,, SPETS 24 ELECTRONICS & MOVIE PROPS, ERR

    Recorded at Film Audio OÜ

    Shot on location all around Estonia

    Inspired by the song "The Most Beautiful Day" by Professor Kliq
    Dedicated to Kaja M. Kuris & In Loving Memory of Lehte Kuris

    This film was funded via Kickstarter, Indiegogo and by private sponsors via Bitcoin.

    © 2015 Einar Kuusk