I have to pee! WITH BUNNIES!

  • Published on:  4/8/2011
  • Thank you for watching! Just a bit of random silliness from me. The secret to a happy life is to take joy in small things,and this children's video about colors delighted me, enough that I almost wet my pants.

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    We raise Flemish Giant Rabbits on our farm in Cynthiana, Ky. These particular rabbits are fawn and agouiti. They are now three years old. They live outdoors in our aviary with two peacocks and a pheasant, as well as his mate. The beautiful little boy in the video is my nephew Phoenix, and the blue merle dog in the background is our Australian Shepherd Skidboot. I am feeding the bunnies wild dandelions, which they love. Dandelions are a natural tonic for rabbits, and our bunnies LOVE them!

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