45 BEST TRX EXERCISES EVER | Best TRX Exercises For Arms, Abs, Legs Suspension Training Workouts

  • Published on:  2/20/2017
  • Want the best TRX exercises for arms, abs & legs? Look no further! These are the best TRX exercises of all time. Incorporate them into your suspension training workouts. This video shows you what the top suspension moves are for arms, abs & legs. Challenge your entire body with them today!

    We recommend that you choose 3-6 of these, and incorporate them into your workout routine for 30-60 seconds at at time. We're actually loving these WOSS suspension trainers (Cobra model) at Max's Best Bootcamp...they're quality matches or beats TRX, and are a fraction of the cost. Check out the WOSS Cobra suspension trainer here: http://amzn.to/2meU2uz


    1. Pushups
    2. Atomic Pushup
    3. Bicep Curls
    4. Tricep Extension
    5. Hi TRX Row
    6. Low Row
    7. 1-Arm Row
    8. Letter W
    9. Letter T
    10. Letter Y
    11. Letter I
    12. Power Pull
    13. Touch & Reach
    14. Pullups
    15. Burpees


    1. Power Pull
    2. Touch & Reach
    3. Ab Rollouts
    4. Plank
    5. Plank Press Aways
    6. Plank Saw
    7. Pikes
    8. Plank Knee Tuck
    9. Side To Side Knee Tucks
    10. Mountain Climbers
    11. Cross Climbers
    12. TRX Side Plank
    13. Side Plank Thrust
    14. Side Plank & Reach
    15. Scorpions


    1. Sprinter Start
    2. Plyo Squat
    3. Pistol Squat
    4. Plyo Lunges
    5. Floating TRX Lunge
    6. Floating Lunge + Knee Drive
    7. Crossbacks
    8. Crossback + Knee Drive
    9. Crossback + Pistol
    10. Foot Cradle Lunges
    11. Plyo Foot Cradle Lunge
    12. Glute Bridge
    13. 1-Leg Glute Bridges
    14. Hamstring Curls
    15. Reverse Climbers

    That should be plenty of variety to get you going 😅

    Which ones are your favorite?

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