$2 Curry Vs. $75 Curry



  • GetLolMom
    GetLolMom yesterday

    Roti is bread in malay tho

  • GetLolMom
    GetLolMom yesterday

    Ayyyy #teammalaysia

  • khairyatul munira
    khairyatul munira yesterday+1

    that roti canai is freaking $8 meanwhile here like $1 for 2 pieces . im from malaysia btw. sardine roti canai is da best

  • Max Email
    Max Email  yesterday


  • Azreen Musa
    Azreen Musa yesterday

    the roti canai is quite expensive, you can get roti canai for rm1.20 in malaysia

  • MiSsMaRiE dUv
    MiSsMaRiE dUv yesterday+1

    what happened to the "Cheers"?

  • Katto
    Katto yesterday

    1$ tea v.s ??? Tea

  • sky sander
    sky sander 2 days ago

    Damn this episode was really bad, miss the old worth it

  • Yes We Can
    Yes We Can 2 days ago

    Too much zoom in and zoom out

  • Kazuki TheCommander

    I actually think the Laut one they put it close to the beach because "Laut" mean "Sea"

  • Rdoes_games X1v
    Rdoes_games X1v 2 days ago

    Laut = sea and just say bread lol roti = bread

  • we are no less
    we are no less 2 days ago

    is chanai same as porotta??

  • SSK
    SSK 3 days ago

    6:05 Chennai 💕💕

  • TheEpic Arrowbit
    TheEpic Arrowbit 5 days ago

    I am Malaysia and i also like roti canai memang sedap👍

  • Snow White
    Snow White 5 days ago

    Did u guys know that the last restaurant's name "junoon" means "craziness" in Arabic !!!

  • Tran Bach
    Tran Bach 6 days ago


  • Steven Osman
    Steven Osman 6 days ago

    I don't think I've ever heard someone make a connection to the horror of seeing meat fall off a bone. that was hilarious (and yes, the thought is rather horrifying when you put it that way)

  • Steven Osman
    Steven Osman 6 days ago

    @andrew maybe not the same 70% claim as India has to spices, check out how many of the world's almonds come from the United States. That's pretty dominating too.

  • David Jones
    David Jones 6 days ago

    easy 75 curry

  • Angela Nedelkovska
    Angela Nedelkovska 6 days ago

    What really grossed me out is how all these chefs don't have gloves on, and they're touching every single thing with their hands. Like, HYGIENE PEOPLE!!!!!