FAKE Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics

  • Published on:  12/17/2018
  • 😡

    Need I say more?

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    About my channel:
    No bullsh*t. No hypocrisy. I buy all kinds of makeup from high end to fakes. I know I'd be getting hate comments here. I simply love makeup, so don't try to lecture me. Do whatever floats your boat, mind your own. Why are you here anyway?

    You might probably say that I should have bought drugstore makeup with that money, guuuurl, I already have a lot of those, k? And there are too many reviews out there already. Truth is, I just love hoarding random stuff even though I dont really use them, I just like to look at them and get rid of when I'm tired. I am not promoting fake stuff. I am just as curious as anyone else who wants to try them. I may be amazed sometimes but that doesn't mean I am promoting the product, unless I suggest you buy it.

    I used to be an event MUA and I also used to make and sell custom mineral cosmetics and drugstore makeup. Just so you know. So, if you don't like my video, you have the liberty to browse away. 😊