What if Magnets Disappeared? + more videos | #aumsum #kids #science #education #whatif

  • Published on:  4/12/2021
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    What if Magnets Disappeared?
    Firstly, if Magnets disappeared, people who love to put magnetic stickers on fridge would be extremely disappointed.
    Secondly, Magnetic Latches are used to firmly close Cupboards, if Magnets disappeared, Cupboards may not close that well anymore.
    Thirdly, MRI machines use extremely strong magnets, if Magnets disappeared, doctors as well as patients would be extremely disappointed.
    Fourthly, Magnetic Toys are popular among kids, if Magnets disappeared, parents may face a tough time keeping their kids entertained.
    Lastly, Magnets are required in many scientific experiments, if Magnets disappeared, scientists would be one sad lot.

    0:00 - What if Magnets Disappeared?
    1:15 - What is Vocal Fry?
    2:27 - Why is the ocean blue?
    3:29 - Why do we get Goosebumps?
    4:45 - What causes brain freeze?
    5:43 - Why do we shiver?
    6:49 - What is fracking?
    7:51 - What is frostbite?
    9:03 - Why does sunlight make you sneeze?