BEST Competitive Fortnite Settings in Chapter 2 season 8! 💜🚀 MAX FPS, MAX VISIBILITY, 0 Input Delay!

  • Published on:  10/1/2021
  • In Todays Video, Im showing you The BEST Competitive Fortnite Settings in Chapter 2 season 8 for MAX FPS, Max Visibility Ingame and 0 Input Delay! Im going to talk about all the Secret Windows Tweaks to BOOST FPS in Fortnite Season 8, compare all of the Fortnite Colorblind Mode to give you the Best Colorblind Mode Settings in Season 8. Show you the Best Stretched Resolution in Fortnite Season 8 for MAX FPS and the Best Resolution for Fortnite Competitive in Season 8. Tons of Fortnite Pro Players use a Stretched Resolution for More FPS and Less Input Lag, which is the Biggest Competitive Advantage in Fortnite. Im also going to give you a Comparison between the Most Popular Fortnite Pro Stretched Resolutions like 1440x1080, 1750x1080 and FaZe Martoz Res which is 1680x1050, to show you how much FPS we gain while switching to a Stretched Resolution from Native 1920x1080. Other then that Im also going to show you the Best Fortnite Settings in Chapter 2 Season 8, which also includes the Best Competitive Fortnite Settings in Season 8 to give you the biggest Advantage in Arena and Fortnite Tournaments. This Includes the Best Graphics Settings in Fortnite, the Best Ingame Sens for Mouse & Keyboard, The Best Audio Settings and the Best Colorblind Settings. On top of that Im also showing you a Tool to make Fortnite more Vibrant and Colorful just like Falcon Taysons Fortnite Game. Im also going to talk about why Optical Keyboards are so Important for Competitive Fortnite and talk about the Differences between a normal Mechanical Keyboard and a Optical Gaming Keyboard.

    ► Title: BEST Competitive Fortnite Settings in Chapter 2 season 8! 💜🚀 MAX FPS, MAX VISIBILITY, 0 Input Delay!


    ► How To BOOST FPS on Low End PC:
    ► Trying the NEW Fastest Keyboards in Fortnite:

    Intro (0:00​)
    Easy FPS Boost! (0:38)
    Disable the Windows Game Mode (1:22)
    Best Colorblind Mode Explained (1:53)
    Make Fortnite More Vibrant And Colorful (3:11)
    Best Nvidia Color Settings (4:00)
    Best Stretched Res (4:13)
    Optical VS Mechanical Switches (5:50)
    Best Comp Settings (7:00)
    Final Conclusion (9:32)
    Outro (9:48)

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