The Top 29 Dog Fails: FailArmy Hall of Fame (December 2017)

  • Published on:  12/10/2017
  • Dogs are mans best friend, and sometimes that best friend fails hard! Here's the top 29 dog fails. With you vote we'll admit one into the FailArmy Hall of Fame. Vote by leaving a comment below!


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    Puppy Tries to Pull Off Girl's Bikini
    Chihuahua Steals Treats from Staffy Friends
    French Bulldog Can't Reach Ball on Sofa Cushion
    French Bulldog Can't Get Up
    Dog Pees on Bride
    Dog Head Stuck in Couch
    Dog Attacks the Mail
    Dogs Bark at Each Other Through Fence
    Dog Runs into Oven
    Excited Boston Terrier Flips Over Red Ball
    Dog Puts Zero Effort into Workout
    Dog is Afraid to Pass Cat on Stairs
    Guilty Dog Hides Face in Shame
    Dog Gets Stuck in Garbage Can Lid
    Dog Accidentally Jumps Into Pond
    Pet Selfie Fail - Dog Bites
    Dog Falls into Water Jumping for Toy
    Corgi Wants to Come Inside
    Pug Slides Down Stairs
    Puppy Gets Hit in Face with Burger Toy
    Dog Bounces Off Ball
    Dog On Mail Man's Route Jumps into Fence
    German Shepherd Falls in Pool Fetching Ball
    Dog Tries Biting Water from Hose
    Puppy Chases Leash around Tree
    Corgi Falls Off Bed
    Dog Fails to Jump Over Gate
    Dog Tries to Fit Bone through Doggy Door
    German Shepherd Slow Motion Fall
    Dog Tries to Catch Invisible Treat
    Puppies Tumble Down Stairs
    Dog Tries to Bite Mirror
    Dog Lands on Other Dog During Fetch