M.O.M. - Missing Orangutan Mothers 2012 Campaign Video (Baby Orangutan Bonanza!)

  • Published on:  1/29/2012
  • If you love orangutans, PLEASE HELP THEM! http://redapes.org

    Every year on Mothers Day Orangutan Outreach celebrates orangutan mothers in zoos around the world. We take this special day to bring attention to the hundreds of orphaned orangutans being cared for in rescue centers in Borneo and Sumatra. Learn more about the campaign: http://redapes.org/mom

    This year's MOM Campaign is dedicated to the memory of an angelic baby orangutan called Luna. She 'went missing' under suspicious circumstances last year: http://redapes.org/luna
    Learn more: http://redapes.org/sintang/jaan

    Orangutans desperately need your help: http://redapes.org/donate

    Adopt an orangutan today: http://redapes.org/adopt