Samson & Delilah - Full Movie | Max von Sydow, Belinda Bauer, Stephen Macht, José Ferrer

  • Published on:  4/28/2020
  • God entrusts the brave and noble Samson to destroy the Philistine invaders in Canaan. God's path blurs for Samson when he falls in love with the manipulative Delilah, a woman appointed by the Philistines to uncover the secret to Samson's strength.

    Director: Lee Philips

    Max von Sydow as Sidka (as Max Von Sydow)
    Belinda Bauer as Delilah
    Antony Hamilton as Samson
    Stephen Macht as Maluck
    Daniel Stern as Micah
    Clive Revill as Raul
    Jennifer Holmes as Varinia
    David Eisner as Arin (as David S. Eisner)
    David Byrd as Elon
    José Ferrer as The High Priest (as Jose Ferrer)
    Maria Schell as Deborah
    Victor Mature as Manoah
    Angélica Aragón as Niji (as Angelica Aragon)
    José René Ruiz as The Temple Man (as Rene Ruiz)
    Brandon Scott as The Magician

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