Intel Has Become AMD: Best Gaming CPUs Are Last Gen

  • Published on:  4/20/2021
  • Intel has officially become AMD -- for now, at least. Some of the best gaming CPUs currently available are Intel's previous generation, thanks to new price cuts and R5 5600X pricing.
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    And our coverage of Intel’s best value in the 11th Gen, the i5-11400:
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    Historically, Intel has been stubborn in lowering the prices on older generations of CPUs as new ones roll out. AMD took advantage of this to lower prices on its own older CPUs at the end of their lifespan, making some CPUs good value choices later on. AMD did this with the R7 2700, 2700X, R5 2600, the R5 1600 AF (a rebrand of the 2600), and the R7 3700X. We were unimpressed initially with the price positioning of some of these, like the 3700X and 2700X (especially), but as the price dropped, they became some of the best choices. Now that Intel’s newest 11-series processors have set a new bar in disappointment, the 10th generation of CPUs can finally shine. The i7-10700 and 10700K are worth note, as is the 10900 (and K) for a cheaper 10-core option. The 11700K has also already dropped in price, although not enough.

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    00:00 - Intro
    05:17 - Intel’s Best CPUs Are Old
    06:57 - Cheap 10 Cores: i9-10900K & 10900 Revival
    12:48 - Even Cheaper Gaming CPUs: Intel i7-10700K & i7-10700
    15:46 - Intel & AMD Sales Volume
    18:18 - Conclusion

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