I Want To Lose My Virginity, HELP ME!? | Adrian Gee | Comment Trolling

  • Published on:  12/16/2016
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    In today's prank video I, Adrian Gee took the most favoured trolling comments out onto the streets. Some comments that were used are: "Wanna buy my used dildo?", "Kissing burns 6.4 calories per minute, wanna work out?", "Do you like it when guys cry? Give me your number", "If I had a dollar for every hot girl I seen I'd have one dollar", "You are so hot even the sun is jealous", "If your left leg was thanksgiving and your right leg was christmas would you let me visit between holidays?", "I'd tell you a blonde joke but you wouldn't get it", "If you were my homework I'd do you everyday", "Can I buy you a glass of cum", "How big are you?", "feminists and a light bulb", "as long as I have a face you have a place to sit", "will your boyfriend make us breakfast?", "Are you a parking ticket because you're gonna cost me $100", "You look cute can I get your email address?", "I'm 22 years old and I've never had sex before", "Selfie with a random UCLA girl", "Wanna be my girlfrien.. I missed the D cause you can get that tonight", "You are hotter than the bottom of my MacBook", "my car got stolen", "I hit the g-spot every single time", "How to get any girls number", "I'm collecting panties for charity", "You're really hot what's your dads number?", "Im gay, can I kiss you?", "Getting girls numbers", "Smile If You Want To Have Sex With Me", "Picking Up Girls", "Filming Pranks", "Sorry I got a boner", "How can I make you more gorgeous?", " It's my birthday can we have birthday sex?", "My mom said I need a girlfriend, would you be interested?", "Let's kiss? (asking girls for kisses)", "You're being watched by that prankster guy over there", "I'm a porn director, will you be in my movie", "I have a bad memory, what's your number?", "I like you as a friend, you just got friend zoned", "I'm a really good looking and successful guy, you should take me out", "I love you like a fat kid loves cakes" & plenty more comments.

    If you did enjoy this public trolling prank video make sure you include your comments in the comment section down below to possibly be featured in the next episode of comment trolling.

    Also, I'll see you all in a few days for a fresh social experiment I'll be shooting.


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