Create This Book 1 | Episode 3 | Moriah Elizabeth

  • Published on:  5/30/2021
  • Hi everyone! Today, I am continuing my series of the Create This Book by @Moriah Elizabeth. I did some quick 1 minute sketches, a pencil drawing, a pencil crayon drawing, and a magazine collage. I'll be posting more Create This Book videos as as I work through the prompts on all the pages. I'm so excited to complete more and I hope you stick around to watch!

    If you want to see more episodes of Create This Book, let me know in the comments below!

    For the book cover I used regular acrylic paint I found at the dollar store. It does require several layers but it eventually provides good coverage.
    For the pages inside the book, I just used pencil crayons and a pen for some outlining. I chose to draw on a separate piece of printer paper then cut it out and glue it into the book. This is just to prevent bleeding through the pages and gives it a cool look.

    I suggest wrapping the outside cover in clear packing tape to protect your design. Just be careful applying it as you don't want to risk misplacing the tape and peeling off any of your design when you try to fix it. I ended up having to peel off tape and readjust it, but nothing was ruined as I waited a whole day after painting to tape it, as to let the paint completely cure.

    Hopefully you enjoyed watching and are excited for more episodes, because I know I am! Hope you have a great rest of your day and I'll see you next week.

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