Following A Bob Ross Painting Tutorial



  • ErinM
    ErinM 4 minutes ago


  • Panda Lover
    Panda Lover 23 minutes ago


  • Engine emrald Gaming
    Engine emrald Gaming 23 minutes ago

    1:33 sounds like she's gonna cry

  • Corina Sweet
    Corina Sweet 28 minutes ago

    Everything but those clouds look amazing lol

  • thicc beesechurger
    thicc beesechurger 44 minutes ago

    "i literally have no artistic talent"
    You fucking what now

  • Michael R. Zotos
    Michael R. Zotos 45 minutes ago

    I just think you are Hilarious! And very witty. I also think that what you do with these videos is a help for people when they are otherwise feeling a little bit down; a picker upper! People probably don't often realize that there is a lot of work to what you are doing.
    And, I would like to see you do a spoof on my YouTube video with the louvenour glasses.

  • Min3craft Angel
    Min3craft Angel an hour ago

    An a-bob-ination

  • Little Wolf
    Little Wolf an hour ago


  • Cupcake Shugar
    Cupcake Shugar an hour ago

    I watched Bob Ross painting and Bob Ross painted with a vegetable and ate it

  • MO8333
    MO8333 an hour ago

    please film Julien trying to follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial. Let's see what the Aries outcome is.

  • Sara Bates
    Sara Bates an hour ago

    6:10 "-Gasp- the devils still in here" Oh man I just died laughing.

  • Crafty Momma
    Crafty Momma an hour ago

    Your painting turned out really good. My 9 month old smiled when i showed it to her

  • Aye Myat Zaw
    Aye Myat Zaw an hour ago

    Send BOBS pics

  • alex Ponce
    alex Ponce 2 hours ago

    Finding a human being that just makes you warm inside and laugh 😂❤️ I love you Jenna

  • Jasmine Lewis
    Jasmine Lewis 2 hours ago

    Please do more painting videos. Maybe a drunk painting video like your own personal paint and sip

  • Eva_G
    Eva_G 2 hours ago

    Your painting is really good though!

  • ProjectFineLine
    ProjectFineLine 2 hours ago

    Not bad! 🧐

  • Melissa Molnor
    Melissa Molnor 2 hours ago

    Your painting is actually awesome! And I love Jenna's calm mixed with Bob's calm positive vibes! I haven't loved one of your videos this much in a while!
    PS. I agree please do your makeup without moving your brush and only moving your face. It will be amaze.

  • Anam Idriss
    Anam Idriss 3 hours ago

    This needs to be a whole series!

  • Mary
    Mary 3 hours ago

    Wow! It's so beautyful! Happy Birthday Jenna!