Josh Richards calls ‘Sway Life’ show FAKE & REVEALS SECRETS about Sway Boys BREAKUP DRAMA!

  • Published on:  5/6/2021
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    Josh Richards reveals the TEA behind the 'Sway Life' reality show and why he chose to leave it!
    Bryce Hall recently confronted his manager Michael Gruen about breaking up the Sway House, causing a ton of drama. And now Josh talked about the truth behind the Sway House breakup on his 'BFFs podcast' and let's just say, he spilled major tea! He spoke about the drama, and also exposed some secrets about the 'Sway Life' show!

    0:00 - Intro w/ Kelsey MacDonald
    0:26 - 'Sway Life' reality show drama
    0:44 - Michael Gruen & Bryce Hall feud
    1:26 - Josh Richards explains why he left show
    2:19 - Josh Richards spills tea about show!
    3:04 - Josh Richards calls 'Sway Life' fake!
    4:37 - Josh Richards unfollows Nessa & Jaden

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    Josh Richards calls ‘Sway Life’ show FAKE & REVEALS SECRETS about Sway Boys BREAKUP DRAMA!