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  • Published on:  6/24/2013
  • Mutton Roganjosh is a delicious recipe of Kashmir and it is a treat to the taste buds. The flavors of spices blend well in Mutton Roganjosh.A delectable delight, roganjosh is best suited for special occasions. With a rich aromatic gravy, roganjosh is well worth the effort.

    Mutton 500 g
    Black cardamom 4 n
    Cinnamon sticks (small) 4 pieces
    Green cardamom 6 n
    Mace 2 n
    Cumin seeds ¼ ts
    Saffron pinch
    Kashmir Red chilly powder 1 ½ tb
    Ginger powder 1/2 tb
    Fennel seed powder ¼ tb
    Hing pinch
    Ghee 2 tb
    Turmeric optional ½ tsp

    Take a bowl add hing, Kashmir chilly powder, ginger powder, fennel seed powder, water, mix it well.
    Take blender in this add cinnamon sticks, green cardamom, mace, cumin seeds, make a coarse powder.
    Heat ghee in a pan add black cardamom, add meat pieces, cook it in a slow flame till meat is brown in colour and add mixture of Kashmir chilly, saffron, water, salt, mix this well, put the lid on let it cook for 45 minutes till the meat is tender.

    In this add made masala powder, mix it well and let it cook for 30 minutes.

    Serve this naan, basmati rice.
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