Why the Ouija board became so famous

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
  • This is where Ouija boards came from. And it might surprise you.

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    In this episode of Overrated, Vox’s Phil Edwards explores what Ouija means, from a historical and cultural perspective.

    The Ouija game and Ouija movies permeate our culture. But their origin might be surprising. Before this board game was a staple, it emerged from the spiritualist movement in the United States in the mid-1800s and an aggressive entrepreneur who believed he could make a buck off of it.

    Ouija’s overrated — it’s not real and it’s just a piece of cardboard. But it's also a way for people from the past to speak to us (through history, at least).

    Overrated is a series that takes a look at the things we all know — the books, the trends, and the ideas that have become iconic — and answers the question: “Why is this so famous"?

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  • sacha simpson
    sacha simpson 2 days ago

    Vox sucks

  • Pierre Films
    Pierre Films 3 days ago

    There are a few things in this world I will not f*ck with. Ouija board is at the top of that list.

  • Simpevision
    Simpevision 5 days ago

    This video is rather opinionated. I would much rather hear the history and facts about how the board came to be, rather than this man's personal beliefs on potential instruments of divination.

  • rayitodagi10
    rayitodagi10 6 days ago

    Don’t let this reporter ever make videos again, he’s so slow and lame

  • Benja Vanni
    Benja Vanni 9 days ago

    Ouija = Google = Yahoo! (People need answer)

    CROWNONPOINT 10 days ago

    it's close minded assumptions like this that put people in danger.

  • carterasics
    carterasics 15 days ago

    Ouija.. I've been saying Ouiji. ..

  • CalliopeCarina
    CalliopeCarina 21 days ago

    I thought it was Ouija from French 'Oui' and German 'Ja', which both mean yes.

  • NigelDK
    NigelDK 21 days ago

    Played this as a kid using pieces of paper with letters and a glass. worked just as fine and its free.

  • Canadian Crafter
    Canadian Crafter 22 days ago

    i dont know much about ouija boards but wouldnt ouija be like oui and ja. oui and ja are both yes in french and german respectively soo yeah

  • Emily
    Emily 27 days ago

    Ouija boards are controlled by demons, or what some people call ghosts.

  • Janice Khan
    Janice Khan 28 days ago

    I got to know Satan as a friend on a ouiji board..became phycotic and was sent to mental hospital.

  • Izzy Lavender
    Izzy Lavender 1 months ago

    What connection does the graph at 2:02 have to spiritualism?

  • Manic Mercurian
    Manic Mercurian 1 months ago

    I can testify to the efficacy of at least one Ouija Board

  • Hayden Helin
    Hayden Helin 1 months ago

    He is better when he does not try to be funny

  • Kyser Jamal
    Kyser Jamal 1 months ago

    White people

  • Tetsudo boy
    Tetsudo boy 1 months ago


  • coulrophobia
    coulrophobia 1 months ago


  • Satyaswarup Kanungo
    Satyaswarup Kanungo 1 months ago

    I want a QWERTY keypad patterned ouija board 😂

  • Booper Dooper
    Booper Dooper 1 months ago

    The way you pronounce Ouija makes me want to slap you XD