thrift with me on SALE DAY ☆ kind of a mess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Published on:  4/7/2019
  • 👖 LETS THRIFT ON SALE DAY! ✨In this episode of Thrift With Me we are heading into Value Village/Savers Thrift Store and thrifting for spring 2019 (it was a bit of a mess but fun!)✌️ like & open meeee ↓↓↓

    T H R I F T S T O R E
    ▹ Value Village/Savers (for US)

    M U S I C
    ▹ DJ Quads
    ▹ Jeff Kaale - Strawberry

    I N S T A G R A M:

    ⁛ P O B O X
    Haley Israelov
    PO BOX 99900 FB 459 382

    B U S I N E S S E M A I L

    ⁛ W H A T I M W E A R I N G
    blue t shirt // thrifted
    adidas joggers // size xs //
    white tommy sneakers //
    fleece jacket // *similar
    nike necklace //
    hoop earrings //
    star earring //
    my vlog camera //
    my dslr camera //
    studio lights //
    tripod //

    ⁛ This video is not sponsored


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