DIY Garage Shelves / Shelf / Workbench / Storage / industrial

  • Published on:  4/29/2020
  • Follow me Nerds, as I show you how I built this light-up workbench and shelving system by myself (One person build), but if you have help it's twice as easy.

    This technique works for all applications including floors with and without slopes.

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    ***instead of splicing the wires for the lights above the bench, they make extended cords (link listed below). A much safer and up to code option***

    Wood and Cuts:

    (25)- 8' long 2"X4" (Might need more or less depending on length and height of garage. My garage is less than 16' so I had to cut the horizontal framing by 6" on one side and the 29 internal boards were cut @ 27")

    (5)- 8' long 1"X3" (I split mine with the table saw so if you don't want to do that perhaps get 10-1"X2" instead) (used for pegboard framing) (cut to desired size of pegboards)

    (2)-4'X8' pegboard sheets (cut to desired height and length - mine is 36"X84" and 39"X29" for the side pieces on the dividers

    (5)(total) - 23/32" 4'X8' plywood sheets (3/4" or 1/2" should also be okay pending your application)
    all 5 cut @ 30" (2 were cut in half for my 4 - 4' shelf sections and then trimmed on the left side to fit my garage length)

    2 of the leftover 18" sheets to be cut at 12" (To pair with the 18" sheets to complete 30" deep shelves on top)

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    Screws 3" (Seriously Try these out if you haven't):
    Screws 4" (probably get two packs):
    Keg K4 System:
    Ryobi Nial Gun (HIGHLY Recomended):

    **I keep getting comments about my hat (here is one I just bought from the same company, might need to look around for the state/design you like best):

    ➤Linked tools/Materials:

    Totes(Reported deals at Sam's Club and Costco):
    Bench Lights (AWESOME DEAL):

    ***THEY MAKE EXTENSIONS FOR THE LIGHT CABLES!!!(I didn’t know this before):

    Extended light power cable with switch:

    Stud finder(upgraded version of mine):
    Wood Glue:
    2.5” pocket hole screws:
    12 inch Chicago Electric Miter Saw (Best tool I have):
    10 inch Chicago Electric Miter Saw (Alternative):
    Ryobi Table Saw:
    Ryobi Drill:
    Belt sander (Awesome Sander):
    Speed Square (super useful and cheap!):
    Smaller Clamps:
    Right Angle Tool for Clamps:

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