NBA 2K16 Gameplay - Still great in 2020! - Modded MyLeague - 06-07 Nuggets vs 95-96 SuperSonics

  • Published on:  10/4/2020
  • This is a MyLeague my brothers and I have been playing for awhile (We are 79 games in), this is me vs my oldest brother Mark. I am the Nuggets. I am using slider tweaks I made for the game in order to free up the movement.

    This is also PART of a Ultimate Classic Teams Roster I have been working on for this game that adds a lot of new classic teams. However, the Nuggets court here was made using the court creator within MyLeague, as the season was started before I modded the official court into the game.

    NBA 2K16 still holds up incredibly well, in fact it has a lot of advantages over NBA 2K21, including far better footplanting, more sound defense overall, and better pace/flow. It also has a MUCH better post game, and post face up game.