Can Billionaire's Son Steal His Girlfriend???!!! (Intense Gold Digger Test)

  • Published on:  4/1/2020
  • We wanted to find out if the son of a billionaire could steal Jame's girlfriend! We contracted Logan, rented an office space, rented a Lamborghini and set up an elaborate test to find out!!! Will Emma pass this loyalty test? Are Emma and James couple goals? This video for sure makes our Top 5!

    This was filmed at a Ventra7 location! Check out their other properties at: and follow them on Instagram:

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    So as you all know, we like running a “series” on our channel because we feel that it gives our channel/ your video watching experience a different feel! Our goal is to make everything feel more “professional” and high quality! Well, unfortunately, the problem with running a series like “Catching Gold Diggers” is that we can ONLY make Gold Digger Videos! As I'm sure you all know, our Gold Digger Videos take a VERY long time to plan, film and edit; which is why we only upload 1 video every 2-3 months! WHICH IS HORRIBLE!!! That's why we decided to create our new series, “Question Everything!” This new series will help us diversify our content, upload more frequently/ consistently, and it will allow us to make videos about other stuff that we find interesting!!! “Question Everything” will be our new, ongoing series where we will basically be asking a question in each video and then trying to find an answer to that question! The videos will be mysterious, suspenseful and hella entertaining!!! Yes, “Question Everything” will be replacing “Catching Gold Diggers” BUT BEFORE YOU FREAK OUT, this does not mean that we will STOP making Gold Digger Videos! “Question Everything” is such a BROAD name that we could literally make videos about anything, INCLUDING GOLD DIGGER VIDEOS. The video you’re about to watch is, generally speaking, a Gold Digger Video, HOWEVER technically speaking, it’s the very first episode of our new series!!! We did this on purpose to show you guys that just because we’re going to be uploading more diversified content, under a new series name, doesn’t mean we’re going to STOP making Gold Digger videos! We will continue to upload Gold Digger Videos at our usual rate and drop other interesting videos in between!! So yes, even though “Question Everything” is replacing “Catching Gold Diggers”, you will still be able to enjoy new Gold Digger Videos PLUS some new, refreshing content!!! All of our videos from here on out will be a part of our EPIC new series “Question Everything!” :)
    Hope you all enjoy the video!!!!

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