In 15 min make Moong Dal Halwa (without sautéing for long ) just like Halwai !!

  • Published on:  12/4/2018
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    Traditional Moong dal halwa needs loads of patience and waiting. But with this recipe you can make moong dal halwa in less than 15 min. Try it out today !!

    Any halwa is like the most loved sweet dish in India. I love all kinds of halwa but moong dal halwa is my all time favorite and it takes a lot of time to prepare. But with this method it is very easy and quick moong dal halwa and you won't believe but it requires less than 15 min to make it.

    Let's begin the process.

    Ingredients to make Instant Moong Dal Halwa :

    - Moong dal (1/2 Cup) (
    - Desi Ghee (1/4 Cup) (
    - Milk (1/2 Cup)
    - Water (1/2 Cup)
    - Sugar (1/2 Cup)
    - Almonds (3 Tbsp) (
    - Pistachios (2 Tbsp) (
    - Cashew Nuts (2 Tbsp) (

    Procedure to make Moong Dal Halwa in 15 min

    This whole process took me less than 15 min to cook so here you have it, instant moong dal halwa. So easy.. So simple.. Try it out today.

    This is how we made it …

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