Turnover on Audiotree Live (Full Session)

  • Published on:  2/16/2016
  • Download & stream Turnover on Audiotree Live -- https://smarturl.it/AT-Turnover

    Turnover is a former emo/punk band whose newest release “Peripheral Vision” is a standout release echoing a transformation in the scene itself. Like cohorts in Sorority Noise, Citizen and Superheaven, they’ve managed to transcend punk and emo stereotypes to create a unique style while building a following of fans who loved them for their original sound. The record itself has a constantly humming echo that pulses throughout. It’s steeped in 80’s reverb and textured with layers of cosmic, contemplative noise. Lead vocalist, Austin Getz’s voice is steady and optimistic but his often somber lyrics reflect mental exhaustion. Sorrowful guitars banter to one another with quick, spacey riffs while the rhythm section provides a backdrop for the song to groove in a steady clip.

    Listeners who are familiar with old material are sure to be transfixed by the change; hearing remnants of old songs buried within their stark evolution. Turnover is constantly touring and have opened for bands like Major League, Have Mercy, I Am the Avalanche and New Found Glory. A diversity of tone and influence allows for them to fit within tours made of off-kilter lineups and attract fans from across the genre spectrum.

    Check out the performance by Turnover on Audiotree Live.

    Recorded on August 11, 2015 in Chicago, IL.

    1. New Scream
    2. Cutting My Fingers Off
    3. Hello Euphoria
    4. Humming

    Visit the band's website -- https://www.turnovermusic.net/

    Youtube Playlist -- http://bit.ly/1Kqog8H


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