sMMV || What is this Feeling?

  • Published on:  3/8/2015
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    Originial Video:
    Song: What is this Feeling from Wicked
    Name: Rainbow
    Age: -2
    Birthdate: October 20th
    Skype: rainbowsplayminecraft
    Cat or Dogs: Cats all the way =u=
    Activity Scale (1-10): 9.8
    Why do you want to join?: I think this studio would be so kawaii!!! Plus, I love cats. I really love cats and nekos = u =.
    Bsproj: (UPDATED 3/10/15)
    STDO/Cat Bsproj: Both bsproj's are the same. + - + If you want me to make some changes tell me.
    Custom Credits:
    Custom Derp Face - chococandy
    Mouthpack - Anniesawr
    Programs Used:
    Sony Vegas 8.0
    Bannedstory 4 (
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