Chemicals in food kill more than all drugs combined, what are they? Mcdonalds Happy Meal evaluated

  • Published on:  3/31/2018
  • Obesity kills far more than all drugs combined, including tobacco and alcohol. What are the drugs in food and how do they alter our minds? McDonalds Happy Meal is evaluated with the mind-altering compounds brought to the surface.

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    Chemicals in food are there for preservation to increase profit. These toxic food additives kill far more than all drugs combined. We need to be aware of these dangerous chemicals in fast food that we eat, especially if we're feeding it to the youth. A lot of people know about MSG or monosodium glutamate, but few are aware of the other compounds. These compounds can trigger overeating or binge eating disorder which leads to a significant mortality rate. Food addiction needs to be addressed at its core by spreading public awareness.