Don Williams - I Believe In You

  • Published on:  7/19/2008
  • Don Williams performing I Believe In You

    I've never had a face you'd notice
    The world never took much notice of me
    I've never been good at conversation
    I was too busy tripping on my own feet
    I've never had grand illusions
    Love was always for someone else
    But in a world so few surprises
    There's still a few surprises left
    Ain't it amazing that miracles happen?
    Ain't it amazing, you can still find your dream?
    Ain't it amazing, it all comes true
    When someone like you can happen to someone like me?
    So hold me now so warm beside you
    Let me stay forever near
    Sometimes I think I'm only dreaming
    But I wake up, you're still here

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