The Carter's (Beyonce & Jay Z) Family - 2019 [ Blue Ivy, Daughter & Twin ]

  • Published on:  8/15/2018
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  • Jacinth scott 9 months ago

    May God bless this Union👍

  • Tracy Hurley 5 days ago

    Jacinth scott God doesn’t bless folks who worship and serve Satan.

  • lovelyblkwoman Brown 8 months ago

    Beautiful family especially the kids.

  • TeDeTu Sisters 10 months ago

    I love this Family

  • Vanedda Simon 1 months ago

    Absolutely beautiful!!!😍😇💟

  • Ania Remy 2 months ago

    @Thomas Palmer ho wow

  • Adline Witcher 9 months ago


  • M 9 months ago

    Love don't cheat!

  • Debra Bond 9 months ago

    I was veey happy when beyonce was pregnant with her first baby, be when I found out that she was pregnant again wow! And with twins and one of the twins waa a boy I was so so very happy for her that she did it and she finily have a boy that was beautiful.

  • Onyi Betram 4 months ago

    so true. i tot it was the one who noticed. lol.

  • Bernita Parson 9 months ago

    Im glad Beyonce and Jay-Z stayed together i like the look of there little family and a beautiful family it is

  • Lynette Moore 9 months ago

    Blue just like Dadddddy😂😂🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Muñeca Garcia 3 months ago


  • Antonette Clayton 9 months ago


  • Felicia Kelley 9 months ago

    I love seeing Blue with her dad!!

  • Wonderfull Hope 10 months ago

    Blue with the hat looks like beyonce from the formation song

  • Salone Onwuachi 9 months ago

    Wowww beautiful couple Beyonce is so goroues jayz is surly a lucky man!!,

  • PoetryNightCrew1 a months ago

    Salone Onwuachi yes indeed sis! They make a great couple! Black love at its finest!! Haha lol! Can you subscribe to my channel? Thanks for all the love sis!

  • Theresa Hayes 4 months ago

    The kids are beautiful