Top 10 Wild Animals That ESCAPED From The Zoo!

  • Published on:  4/10/2020
  • From a clever octopus that made its way back to the ocean to a rhino running across a highway here are 10 stories of animals that escaped from the zoo.

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    10. Inky the Octopus
    It might sound like an escape right out of a Disney movie but when an octopus at New Zealand's National Aquarium made a break for freedom, it showed the reality of what an octopus is capable of! Sometimes Disney is based on reality!

    9. Mischievous Orangutan
    An Orangutan named Ken Allen from the San Diego Zoo, had a curious and mischievous nature even as a baby orangutan. They say that he had a twinkle in his eye from the get-go! At an early age, he was able to unscrew nuts and bolts and remove the metal mesh on his supposedly “child proof” enclosure.

    8. Guest Tiger
    This story is kind of the opposite. A Bengal tiger actually walked into a zoo in India. Local residents were in a panic when a Bengal tiger was spotted roaming around the outskirts of a city in India. However, the tiger wasn't an escapee from the local zoo. Instead, the male wild tiger walked into the zoo from a nearby forest and made his way to the tigress habitat. She’d probably been giving off some signals!

    7. Bronx Zoo Cobra
    This escape from the Bronx Zoo hit the headlines and went viral. A cobra that escaped from its cage in 2011 became famous when she escaped from her enclosure one Friday night. Somehow, the snake, an Egyptian cobra, made it out of its fiberglass box in the reptile house. Spotted coiled in a corner six days after it escaped, the 20 inch long venomous snake didn’t go very far.

    6. Jaguar Rampage
    In 2018, a young male jaguar at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans got out of its enclosure one night and went on a rampage, attacking a number of animals. It must have had some pent up anger! The three-year-old cat named Valerio was first reported missing right before the zoo opened. An hour later, the jaguar was located, tranquilized and returned to its enclosure.

    5. Running Rhinos
    In 2015 in Israel, a trio of rhinos made a break for it when they snuck out of an open side gate. Located at Ramat Gan Safari Park, apparently the guard fell asleep and they took advantage, trotting happily out to the parking lot!! Shocked visitors at the zoo called the police. The footage was captured by CCTV footage.

    4. Lion on the Loose
    In 2016, a lion escaped from Nairobi’s National Park, located about 4 miles from the city center. The park is home to a variety of large predators including lions, leopards, hyenas and cheetahs. It is a wide open space protected by electric fencing in an attempt to keep the animals inside but when they get really hungry, sometimes they escape. The lion made its way to the road and started wandering around in traffic.

    3. Escaped Capybaras
    At the High Park Zoo in downtown Toronto, Canada, a pair of capybaras managed to escape and go for a stroll. The two rodents, nicknamed Bonnie & Clyde are similar in size to dogs, and are native to South America. They broke out on their first morning at the zoo when the door on their cage didn’t close properly. The rebellious duo stayed on the loose for almost 3 weeks! But the funny thing is they didn’t exactly get that far. In fact, they were spotted multiple times. One of them was seen by news cameras going for a swim in a nearby pond.

    2. Monkeying Around
    In 2013, a zoo in England was put into lockdown after some of the animals got into the wrong enclosure. Early one morning, workers at the zoo contacted the local police to let them know that some chimpanzees were being moved from one building to another and in the process, they got out of control!

    1. Zoo Flood
    When a series of deadly floods hit the country of Georgia, residents were warned by special forces that a number of dangerous animals had escaped a local zoo. Everyone was told to stay indoors until the lions, tigers, and bears were recaptured. The surging floodwater from a normally calm river destroyed enclosures at the zoo, allowing some animals to escape.