Freestyle BMX air tricks at St Kilda Skatepark - Melbourne, Australia

  • Published on:  1/9/2014
  • Freestyle BMX is a synonym for bicycle motocross stunt riding.

    St Kilda Skatepark is a new generation skatepark built on the beach in Marina Reserve St Kilda. Featuring a mix of smaller and medium trannys, St Kilda mixes differently coloured concrete with a variety of banks, hips and rollovers that are linked to flow around. The spot can be full of scooter kids and punters on weekends, but during the week is great for a skate. The big bowl varies from 5 to 7 or 8 feet with extensions, corners and an elevating corner in the deep end. St Kilda's biggest selling point with respect to other parks is its granite coping, which grinds really fast. In the small section, there is a love seat in a corner with granite coping. Great Fun. For those who like flyouts, there is a line that sent Curren Caples up around the 8 foot mark on an indy from the big bowl to the smaller bowl. Worth checking out.

    Freestyle BMX è sinonimo di acrobazie su bici da motocross.
    Freestyle BMX es sinónimo de acrobacias de motocross bicicleta.
    Freestyle BMX significa acrobacias motocross bicicleta.
    حرة BMX لتقف على دراجة موتوكروس المثيرة على
    Freestyle BMX stoji za bicikl motocross zaustave na.
    Freestyle BMX je zkratka pro kola motokrosových kousky na.
    Freestyle BMX står for Bicycle Motocross stunts på.
    Freestyle BMX staat voor fietsmotocross stunts op.
    Freestyle BMX sanoista polkupyörän motocross stuntteja.
    Freestyle BMX signifie cascades vélo de motocross sur.
    Freestyle BMX steht für Fahrrad Motocross Stunts auf.
    Freestyle BMX σημαίνει ακροβατικά motocross ποδήλατο.
    Freestyle BMX מייצג פעלולי האופניים מוטוקרוס ב
    फ्रीस्टाइल बाइक पर साइकिल motocross स्टंट के लिए खड़ा है.
    Freestyle BMX singkatan stunts motorcross sepeda.
    프리 스타일 BMX는 자전거 모토 크로스 묘기를 의미합니다.
    Freestyle BMX stands għall stunts motocross roti fuq.
    Tu kau tāwhai BMX hoki stunts pahikara motocross i runga i.
    آزاد BMX مخفف مانع motocross دوچرخه در
    Freestyle BMX oznacza akrobacje motocross rower na.
    Фристайл BMX расшифровывается как велосипед мотокроссу трюки на.
    Фреестиле БМКС скраћеница за бицикл мотокрос зауставе на.
    Freestyle BMX anasimama kwa baiskeli motocross foleni juu.
    Freestyle BMX står för cykel cross jippon på.
    Freestyle BMX üzerinde bisiklet motokros stunts için duruyor.
    Tự do BMX là viết tắt của các pha nguy hiểm motocross xe đạp.
    Freestyle BMX staan ​​vir die fiets motocross toertjies op.