Smuggling Weed Across America's State Lines (WEEDIQUETTE Full Episode)



  • VICE 1 months ago

    As a UK exclusive and to celebrate VICE shows coming to All 4, we’re sharing a bunch of full episodes from the series which have been airing on our TV channel over the past couple of years. Enjoy this episode from ‘WEEDIQUETTE’ and then catch up on the full series through the VICE collection on All 4:

  • Will Spain 1 months ago

    there are variables, but at 0.5 grams of marijuana per joints one pound makes about 900 joints — almost 3 a day for a year! (Using half a gram per joint, 28.35 grams per ounce and 16 ounces per pound.) soooo there is 2000 pounds in a ton, so just 1 ton would be staggering 1,800,000‬ joints, give or take. So 250 tons would be 450,000,000 again approximately because the amount of weed you put in a joint is purely relative to the smoker. So you can use the above formula to do the math with your own measu...

  • UKCHEEZ 1 months ago


  • Stevio Gaming 1 months ago

    In short it should just be fully legalised to stop this from happening

  • SB fonics 23 days ago

    unfortunately politicians have this insane ability to not see reason. So doubt they will decriminalise cannabis anytime soon.

  • timeless time 1 months ago

    @RustRabbit *somali

  • Carlito 97 1 months ago

    I knew biggie smalls wasn’t dead

  • S O 1 months ago

    I love how he's willing to give away his weed secrets but not the special seasoning. 😂

  • Adventures of Stan 1 months ago

    if a stoner from vice can get that deep into the operation, i wouldnt want to be apart of that operation.

  • Adventures of Stan 1 months ago

    No not on a level of trust. I mean this reporter got to the sauce. If I was dealing crazy amounts and vice popped up like “hey I spoke to a guy that knows a guy called jack who’s cool gave me your details about your drug dealing” id double take on how bait my operation is lol

  • Imrn Hahah 1 months ago

    Damn right this is fake

  • kJ Hninetythree 1 months ago

    Legalise ALL drugs... we have the ability to use our brains to use what drugs we want. People will always die from drugs legal or not it don't matter. At least we will be able to know exactly what's in our drugs if all became legal. Simple

  • SB fonics 23 days ago

    Yeah 100% percent with you my friend. Theres a reason no other culture in the history of humanity banned drugs. Its simply because it is just so stupid. They understood that but our leaders don't, such a shame.

  • Adam Kimm 28 days ago

    @ReBeL Making drugs illegal doesn't stop people from taking them. Legalising them won't cause more people to take them.

  • toby bishop 1 months ago

    He may be illegal but he’s got morals that’s all that matters, especially in the drug business. Too many people selling drugs without a heart

  • killamist420 1 months ago

    Me thinks Ghost is an actor, Not a smuggler.

  • James Ohagan 1 months ago

    Anyone else notice how bad at pool they were ?

  • ِ 1 months ago

    they leng'd up tho

  • baso cain 1 months ago

    These guys are getting caught. They admitted to their crimes, gave an approximation of what they're making, where they were selling, revealed they had a legal grow op in cali, showed the layout of their home and basically revealed their identity.

  • Bejamin Parker 1 months ago

    It's fake ffs if it making 60k a month illegal u don't do a vice interview talking bout where u are what u do ect it's nearly as unbeleavable drugs Inc kingpins pmslmao come people use your head