Day 8: Direct Objects Part 2

  • Published on:  1/13/2019
  • Direct objects appear after the verb and answer the question "What?" or "Who?"

    This gives you more practice with sentences in question form.

    Important Note: Days 9 & 10 are not missing, they were test days. If you would like a copy of the test or to be tested, let me know in the comments.

    The video has been slowed down for you. Watching the full video here https:
    (slow it down in YouTube settings) will:

    1. Give you more material to practice
    2. Tell you how the story ends
    3. Make you familiar with a different accent and style of speech
    4. Help you reach your English goals in 30 days!

    ***Use your own discretion with the linked videos, especially when children are present.***

    Write your answers down in full sentences. Then record them in a voice message in the WhatsApp group 829-906-9950

    This video contains fair use material that was included for educational purposes.
    This video contains fair use material that was added for educational purposes.