When they find out you need sunscreen. Corey Rodrigues



  • Over It
    Over It 11 months ago+353

    I worked with a black guy that didn't think he needed sunscreen. He said "Black people don't burn. We just peel." I had to explain why they peel.

  • 1stAmbientGrl
    1stAmbientGrl 11 months ago+614

    Umm... confession... I was actually taught in public school science class that dark-skinned people don't need sunscreen because they have more melanin. True story. Yes, the teacher was white.

  • Yanna Robinson
    Yanna Robinson 11 months ago+637

    Everyone needs sunscreen skin cancer doesn’t discriminate, even if you don’t burn easily

  • MegaSkilla
    MegaSkilla 11 months ago+481

    Cause I'm made out of MEAT!!! That's why!!

  • Vrael
    Vrael 11 months ago+195

    I'm a dark skinned person and didn't know I needed sunscreen until I got sunburned really bad on my first day at the beach.

  • Sue Valerie Pham
    Sue Valerie Pham 11 months ago+182

    His story with his girlfriend's family sounds like the comedy version of Get out

  • Spiritisalive1
    Spiritisalive1 11 months ago+251

    Man bringing Morgan Freeman into it ... thas cold. Lol Chocolate chips on his face. Lol 😂😂😂

  • Sharon M
    Sharon M 11 months ago+165

    Honestly, I’m dark skinned and for years I didn’t even know we needed sunscreen until I burned a few times.

  • Thomas Hughes
    Thomas Hughes 11 months ago+173

    A very dark skinned camp counselor at a predominantly white camp complained of sunburn. We white suburban children thought he was joking until he pulled up his sleeve and showed us his "farmer's tan". This was before the days of SPF labels when moisturizing was about the best we could do. It was a bonding experience to understand that he was in just as much discomfort as we were.

  • SuperTiffyLynne
    SuperTiffyLynne 11 months ago+83

    I am a very pale red head. Years ago I had my children and the children of 2 of my cousins at pool at my house. I lined all the kids up and covered them in sun screen. Most of them were ghostly white but one of my cousin's son is of mixed race. My cousin came over and saw us all in the pool and started laughing. Eventually she asked me how much lotion I put on her baby. I said I used plenty don't worry. Then it occurred to me, maybe he didn't need sunscreen. So I asked her. Her response was classic, of course he needs sunscreen but not a gallon of spf 100 like I put on my kids. Lol. I laughed and learned to keep a couple different kinds of sunscreen at the house. But spf 100 was perfect for my walking matchsticks. (Tall, thin, pale and red on top)

  • MaybeI Might
    MaybeI Might 11 months ago+110

    Man, I really love this comedian

  • 4Knewt
    4Knewt 11 months ago+79

    black chick here currently living in Arizona. yep we burn too. Arizona. hot.

  • just some guy on the internet

    "I was on that face-chat!"

  • Artika Gunathdotdotdot
    Artika Gunathdotdotdot 11 months ago+118

    Honestly there are so many black and South Asian people that feel offended by the idea that they need sunscreen. I've taught teenagers that weren't aware that they need it.

  • Yolanda W.
    Yolanda W. 7 months ago+16

    I love it when ppl tell me how much darker they will be than me once the summer gets here, They never actually think that I'll be in the sun getting darker too.

  • Irishjoshj78
    Irishjoshj78 11 months ago+42

    Man, I always thought darker skinned people didn’t need sunblock. From Portuguese and Italians to black folks. I always figured it wasn’t necessary. My ignorance makes me laugh sometimes.

  • Kannykka K.
    Kannykka K. 7 months ago+24

    Blacks in the States and Europe are vitamin D deficient! We need the sun, in moderation of course. Keep in mind our melanin protects us from UV radiations but it also takes us longer to absorb vitamin D from the sun for the same reason. We don't burn easily though. I'm medium brown and never got sunburned. Most of my family never got burned back in Africa either nor do they have sun spots or premature wrinkles. I used to spend most days outside as a kid during summer. It really does take a lot for us to get sun burned - suncreams esp chemical ones does more harm than good. I'd say listen to your body. If the rays are getting to you, get out of the sun simple. I've seen too many lobster skinned ppl on the beach that keep lathering the sun screen when they really ought to leave.

  • Rix Pix
    Rix Pix 10 months ago+23

    Oh man I'm old. I know who the rat pack was!

  • skjbanks
    skjbanks 11 months ago+78

    I'm black and this is news to me.

  • Magic_Zach
    Magic_Zach 11 months ago+112

    I honestly didn't know black people needed sunscreen 😂