Security Guard Prank At UCLA!

  • Published on:  10/27/2018
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  • Danny Duncan
    Danny Duncan  9 months ago+446

    Just released new merch @ ❤️ backpack is finally out too!

  • Big Boyy
    Big Boyy 9 months ago+1558

    “You’re gonna have to put it in neutral and push it” 😂😂😂

  • Can we get to 100 subs without vids

    2:01 "He definitely breastfeeds still"
    idk why i laughed so hard at that.

  • FiveThree Zero
    FiveThree Zero 9 months ago+312

    “Thats not even a bird dude, thats a lyme. Thats like taking a lyft.”

  • Justin Ramautar
    Justin Ramautar 9 months ago+223

    "I dont make enough money to deal with this" Dead 😂

  • Not Zap
    Not Zap 8 months ago +159

    "Stop laughing"
    "Oh sorry"

  • Don Vito
    Don Vito 9 months ago+2485

    Damn this was the best one in a while. 😂😂

  • VCres1000
    VCres1000 9 months ago+82

    He let the dude know he found pants 😣 do a vid with danny mullen

  • Ryan Isam
    Ryan Isam 8 months ago+81

    “Something I expect from a usc student not a UCLA bRuIN”

  • Wolfie 101
    Wolfie 101 2 months ago+28

    Did anyone see the dog in the backround??😂😂 6:05

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who 8 months ago+91

    "Holy shit dude, Im so glad I didn't go to college"

  • Michael Caesar
    Michael Caesar 3 months ago+81

    8:39 "Stop laughing"
    "oH sOrrY"

  • Mr.P
    Mr.P 8 months ago+35

    Did anyone notice the random Corgi?

  • Daves Roleplays
    Daves Roleplays 5 months ago+14

    He's actually doing a better job than most campus security guards

  • Ralph Beggie
    Ralph Beggie 2 months ago+15

    Who are you?
    Danny: Danny Duncan from UCLA..
    What are you wearing Danny Duncan from UCLA?
    Danny: Ughhh, Khakis?..

  • Gustavo Hernandez
    Gustavo Hernandez 9 months ago+534

    guy at 6:15 does the same pose he had done in that other video LMAO

  • Bless Gillette
    Bless Gillette 9 months ago+43

    5:18 Danny’s a real entrepreneur

  • Lun Hing
    Lun Hing 9 months ago+41

    I'll break you nose LMAO

    IRE LADZ 6 months ago+9

    8:25 to 8:42 killed me🤣🤣🤣🤣"STOP LAUGHING"."OH SORRY

  • neena
    neena 21 days ago+5

    10:58 Ian being in this video is so random, I didn't expect it.