iPhone XR vs. XS Display: OLED Worth an Extra $250?

  • Published on:  10/26/2018
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    iPhone XR starts at $749. That's $250 less than XS and $350 less than XS Max. And one of the biggest reasons for the difference is the 326ppi LCD display instead of the 458ppi OLED..

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    So, is that worth the $250 or $350 — or more, depending on the storage — price tag difference?

    The bottom line for me is this: Once you dive deep into display nerdery, things like “1080p in 2018” just sound utterly uninformed. It’s a factor, sure, but it’s not even close to the top of the list of what makes for a first class display experience in 2018.

    Don’t just take my word on that either, take a bunch of words.


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