WILL SMITH IS A BETA MALE. Jada will ruin your life. RUN! Red Table Discussion Reaction.

  • Published on:  7/25/2020
  • Will Smith Is a Beta Male. Jada will ruin your life. RUN!
    Well...Will...YOU ARE A BETA MALE!
    Ladies & Gentlemen, please take this couple as an example of how not to be. I want to be clear, I do not hate Will Smith. I grew up watching him & I had a great deal of respect for the man. I never liked Jada & I felt she was always wrong for Will, she is hella Hot, for sure, but an evil woman.
    I've watched how Will & the children have changed over the years & how she drove them ALL into the lives they are leading right now, for better or for worse. Will was always a Masculine Proud Man that commanded respect & returned it in spades. She took it all from him. I've gone through what he went through with highly toxic women in my past, but I've learned from them.
    She did not like how Respected he was & how Manly he was, she wanted that & if she could not have it she would take it from him.
    They used to fight ALL the time over how SHE was raising their children, she made him submit & became a hands off parent that allowed their children to live the way they wanted from 10yrs old. Now look where the kids are, Willow believes in poly-amorous relationships with threesomes MFF as well as MMF. Jada has been asked how she feels about her daughter's lifestyle & she said: "I don't practice what she believes in (threesomes) but I support her choice to Love how she wishes." You can damn well believe that Will is grinding his teeth & punching himself in the head hearing about how his daughter gets Spit Roasted by a couple of dudes & her mom supports her. BETA MALE WILL! F*ING BETA MALE!
    Both kids are completely out of touch with reality.
    People, if you want to have an actual relationship with somebody, do not go the way of Open Relationships. Unless you just want to have your fun & not looking for an actual future with that person, then by all means, go ahead.
    I would never want the Love of my life to be sharing a bed with another woman or another man, just like I would never share my bed with another woman if I am in a relationship.
    I had a girlfriend a few years ago that wanted to have an open relationship. She told me that she doesn't feel like the type of person that can just love one person. I was a Beta male & loved her & wanted to keep her so I agreed. I never went with another but she sure as hell did & I felt HORRIBLE, I hated myself & I started hating her & grew repulsed by her. All I could think of was that she was with other guys & she was touching me & saying the words "I love you!" to me.
    Don't make my mistake guys. It took me YEARS to get over her & how she made me feel. Because in the end she literally told me "I realized that I never wanted you & was not attracted to you for a long time but I stayed out of habit." She destroyed me completely.
    ALL those micro expressions on Will's face, all of them I recognized & experienced first hand. Will Smith, I love you Brother & recognize you but if you do not Divorce her, like she wants, like she told you, JADA PINKETTE SMITH WILL DESTROY YOU!
    Well that was therapeutic, I hope you all learned something from this video & choose to get out of your Toxic relationships. They are not worth it. You are so much more better & deserve to be truly Loved.
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    Red table video with will & Jada Entanglement

    Will Smith puts his wife Jada in her place! (MUST SEE)
    Minute 3:24