The Truth Behind My Fried Chicken - BBC Stories

  • Published on:  9/28/2018
  • 20 million chickens are killed each week to feed consumers in the UK. But how do they get to our plates? Chicken lover Hezron Springer follows the journey from farm to deep fat fryer.#BBCStories#Chicken#Documentary


  • if chickens had a religion, we would be the devil

  • Liftedbari 2 months ago

    Akithedrawingfreak but there’s only one god

  • Leeroy Pepe 2 months ago

    We are regardless of anything or anyone

  • vertex 5 months ago

    What if chickens are doing the same to us in a parallel universeUsing our embryos as eggs

  • des an hour ago

    Well then we even

  • vertex 18 days ago

    @Chubby Muego ok dili igsapayan

  • DoMiNaToR 5 months ago

    You know he's serious when he gets the strawberry mirinda

  • Cherry Candy Bucio 3 days ago


  • 7thSection 15 days ago


  • the master noob 5 months ago

    that's why you should never waste your food

  • rowan barrett 8 days ago

    Liftedbari like apples.

  • Liftedbari 2 months ago

    Numayam god created them to be rated if they weren’t to be eaten god would have told us not to

  • Ti 5 months ago

    Is this a troll video for vegans? 😂

  • Bak Oe 2 months ago

    BF TE This is a Nice farm as far as chicken farms goes

  • Bak Oe 2 months ago

    No. You do need to know that the majority Of chicken farms keep them in small boxes where they can’t even turn around for their entire life and starve them so they lay more eggs for days on end

  • Só Remakes 9 months ago

    And this video just made me want to eat chicken

  • Patrick McAsey 3 days ago

    @Bih Slaughterhouses aren't a product of evolution but of human cruelty. The Nazi holocaust wasn't a product of evolution but of human cruelty. The point is, in case your dull brain doesn't get it, is that evolution has a function, but at the same time it can be cruel. We are more than just animals - although obviously you aren't - we have the choice to use our brains and say 'this is morally wrong'; or we have the choice of regarding ourselves as helpless victims of evolution. Evolution, unfortunatel...

  • Bih 3 days ago

    fukmoney1 de-evolve? We’ve been eating meat and hunting animals since our beginning.

  • Ishan 5 months ago

    *peta wants to know your location*

  • pacmani39 3 months ago

    Are they looking for advice or something?

  • Theres no dogs to kill so why

  • Luke BATES 5 months ago

    You already knew this was comingLook at all those chickens

  • They werent chickens he was eating big bugs

  • Alek Meyers 4 months ago

    Alex Gandy oh yeah yeah

  • BreezyBR 5 months ago

    I like how i get a KFC ad before the vid 🤣

  • Jiya Khan 2 months ago

    I'm not asking you to stop eating chicken.Just make sure that nothing goes to waste. After all that chicken lost his life to provide you nourishment .Ps- don't think I'm some budhist, this video just made want to eat some chicken