Abandoned Because Pregnant At 14 | my horrible life

  • Published on:  12/9/2019
  • Hey. I’m Jasmine and I have the strictest parents in the world. Whenever I got less than an A, I was severely punished.

    Weekends were the worst. They’d make me sit and study for 15 hours straight. My back often hurt from sitting for so long, but my parents wanted me to get top grades, so I could go to an Ivy League university someday.

    When I got my 9th grade report card, I had an A+ in every single subject. My parents were very proud, so I asked them if I could take a break from studying and meet with some of my friends. I thought I had earned a reward.

    But my dad said “no, you first have to finish high school and then graduate university. Afterward you can have fun.”
    But I was sick of being the obedient daughter and sneaked out through my window to watch a movie at my friend Alison’s house.

    It was great to go out for once, especially because Alison's brother, Conan, was there too. He was really cute and I ended up talking to him for hours. Before I left to go home, he gave me his number.
    After that, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. We met in secret a couple times each week. And we had so much fun.

    One day, he even sneaked into my room and that’s when it happened. We went all the way. And unfortunately, our protection broke.

    I wasn’t worried though because I went to the pharmacy and bought the morning after pill. I thought I’d be okay but then 3 months later, I missed my period and took a pregnancy test that came out positive.

    I was so scared. I didn’t know how my parents would react if they knew their teen daughter was going to be a mom, so I didn’t tell them. Instead, I started eating more food to gain weight, so they wouldn’t notice my belly growing.

    I’d always been a bit chubby, but now I was getting seriously overweight. My parents called me fat and lazy. And even Conan told me I should lose weight or he’d stop seeing me. It was horrible, but still 10 times better than my dad knowing I was pregnant.

    I didn’t even tell Conan about the baby until my water broke during chemistry class. I took an uber to the hospital and called him from there. He came immediately and I apologised for not telling him earlier.

    Conan was very understanding, so I asked him to call my parents and tell them about the baby.

    I was so nervous when he said “Hey, I’m Conan and I’m your daughter’s boyfriend. She’s at the hospital and just about to have a baby. She really needs you for your support.”

    I’d never been more frightened. It took two hours for my parents to come and when they walked into the delivery room, my dad was carrying two suitcases. He screamed at me, “You’ve brought shame onto our family. You are a disgrace!”

    I was sobbing my eyes out, but dad put his face up close to mine and hissed, “Don’t ever come back to our house. We don’t ever wanna see you again.”I thought mom would support me, but she just left with my dad.
    I was devastated. But Conan hugged me and said I shouldn’t worry. I could come live with him.

    We called our daughter Olivia. She was so cute and we moved into Conan’s home. I hoped we’d be a happy family, but it was impossible. His mother seriously resented me and Olivia.