Katie Goes Viral

  • Published on:  11/6/2018
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  • Super_10
    Super_10 9 months ago+4341

    The fact that this is trending is ironic

  • SlackerTV
    SlackerTV 9 months ago+2474

    *posts a tweet*
    gets two likes
    BuzzFeed: The time I made a viral tweet

  • Jenna Stannard
    Jenna Stannard 5 months ago+699

    Knowing that Ally was super drunk in this sketch is honestly so funny

  • cry baby
    cry baby 9 months ago+293

    I think this is just a dream Katie had when she was snorting cocaine.

  • Artistic Human
    Artistic Human 9 months ago+843

    i thought she ACCTUALLY went viral, and i was really happy for her

  • Mark V
    Mark V 5 months ago+208

    Great sketch, but Ally should have said “rock and roll” for sure

  • Jonbutter
    Jonbutter 5 months ago+183

    5/10 Ally should have said "Rock & Roll"

  • VINCINT Official
    VINCINT Official 9 months ago+511

    "I will never work with you again" hahaha

  • Aktimoose
    Aktimoose 9 months ago+4683

    somehow she isn't verified on twitter but brennan aIready was within a week of him joining

  • Hrishi Venkatesh
    Hrishi Venkatesh 5 months ago+107

    I feel like this sketch would’ve been better if Ally had said rock ‘n’ roll...
    Just constructive criticism

  • Jasmine Gould
    Jasmine Gould 5 months ago+77

    Knowing that ally is hammered in this is amazing.

  • Kadz
    Kadz 9 months ago+583

    Katie Perry

  • eaglet snupper
    eaglet snupper 9 months ago+225

    I noticed with sketches like this, they start with a sorta relatable aspect and then just over-dramatize it exponentially as the video continues on. Then, as the very last joke, cut it all off in a brief 5-second encounter with something new and suddenly more effective than the skit.

  • Michael Manzanares
    Michael Manzanares 9 months ago+92

    "Fire everyone, including yourself."

  • Vivi Berces
    Vivi Berces 5 months ago+41

    Had to come back to this vid after the total forgiveness episode😂

  • Noah Garvey
    Noah Garvey 5 months ago+19

    So this is the drunk sketch O.o at least they eventually got the shot 😂

  • Manuel González Rios
    Manuel González Rios 5 months ago+18

    Who else came back to this vid after seeing ally wasted in total forgiveness?? 😂

  • benceb 25
    benceb 25 9 months ago+2417

    Weird flex But ok
    Edit:Looks like i went viral too!Thanks for the likes and the heart!

  • something okay
    something okay 5 months ago+18

    Ahhh the sketch where Ally was absolutely sloshed reciting her two lines

  • PhilosopherWR
    PhilosopherWR 5 months ago+11

    LOL I rewatched this because of the latest episode of "Total Forgiveness". Ally was completely wasted as part of a stunt/dare when they were shooting this. She said Katie only gave her two lines because she didn't trust her to get through it. XD