Rescuers Got A Call About A Sick And Starving Dog, But What They Found Wasn’t What They Expected

  • Published on:  9/17/2018
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    Rescuers Got A Call About A Sick And Starving Dog, But What They Found Wasn’t What They Expected

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  • Pussie Lover
    Pussie Lover 3 days ago

    Good Job!!!!! I love my dogs!!!

  • barbara palmer
    barbara palmer 6 days ago

    Thank God.Julia was saved.
    God bless all who helped her. I hope the trash who hurt her get their pay back soon...

  • Sugar Crystals
    Sugar Crystals 6 days ago

    Such a sweet and beautiful girl, I love Julia! 😚❤🐶

  • Deanna Crownover
    Deanna Crownover 8 days ago

    I'm glad she didn't turn out to be a wolf dog... That's what I thought immediately upon seeing her. I have rescued hundreds of wolf hybrids and, they don't make ideal pets for everyone and are not generally treated well.

  • Robert C
    Robert C 9 days ago

    Who ever did that should rot in Hell

  • aicha kermal
    aicha kermal 10 days ago

    And surely they disbelieved when they said: 'Christ, the son of Mary, is indeed God'; whereas Christ had said:
    'Children of Israel! Serve Allah, Who is your Lord and my Lord.' Allah has forbidden Paradise to those who associate anything with Him in His divinity and their refuge shall be the Fire. No one will be able to help such wrong-doers
    Those who said: 'Allah is one of the Three', certainly they disbelieved, for there is no god save the One God. And if they do not give up this claim, all who have disbelieved among them shall be subjected to painful chastisement.

  • puddintain byhufygvyui

    dogs are the BEST thing to EVER happen to humans!!! they work their way into our hearts and become our kids .. they teach UNCONDITIONAL LOYALTY AND LOVE !!!!!! I lost my baby in 2004 and i still miss her ! there are days that i don't think about her maybe 2 in the last 14years ..As Will Rogers said when i get to heaven and there are no dogs SEND ME TO WHERE THEY GO !! As another person wrote if you have never loved a dog then your soul is incomplete and you will NEVER know what UNCONDITIONAL LOYALTY AND LOVE is and i feel sorry for you!!

  • Ben Czyrny
    Ben Czyrny 15 days ago

    Poor Nice 🐕 dog. Thanks for helping one's..

  • Minda Kahn
    Minda Kahn 17 days ago

    Just once I’d like to see the dog kick the people out of the house.

  • yes please
    yes please 18 days ago

    You just got clickbaited... was no twist of what you didnt expect ect... sorry

  • Skyler Gusman
    Skyler Gusman 21 days ago

    Poor baby.... People who treat animals this way, are sick in the head. The loyalty and unconditional love from a dog is like no other. If your dog knows you love hom/her and you treat them right, there yours for life and will keep danger away. Why turn that away? Ugh!

  • Daphane Mcconnell
    Daphane Mcconnell 28 days ago

    God bless

  • alanmeires
    alanmeires 28 days ago

    Half dog half donkey

  • Harry ToyShirt
    Harry ToyShirt 29 days ago

    Thank you for helping this poor animal.

  • niall441
    niall441 a months ago

    I would love to give Dog abuser a really a good beating! i mean face smashed in.

  • hippyable
    hippyable 1 months ago

    Just look at her pink ears!!!

  • hippyable
    hippyable 1 months ago

    She looked like part wolf! Julia is beautiful!

  • hippyable
    hippyable 1 months ago+1

    Eldad Hagar! God bless you

  • hippyable
    hippyable 1 months ago

    This is the voice of Top 5

  • More Lucytheweinerdog
    More Lucytheweinerdog 1 months ago

    Poor dog😢