How to be Funny in Any Conversation

  • Published on:  2/16/2019
  • This video teaches you how to be funny in any conversation, explains why we find certain things funny and how to do it using the 3 simple yet powerful styles of humor. If you're curious about how to be funny in a conversation or in any situation, look no more and enjoy the video!

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    Making people laugh really comes down to your understanding of how the sense of humor works. You see, the sense of humor is essentially how you connect different things together in an unexpected surprising way.

    Did you know humor is perhaps one of the most important ways to attract girls? A really good reason for this is for example when a girl laughs, she releases massive amounts of dopamine in her brain, which is known as the feel-good hormone and interestingly, women release more so than men do. So being funny is a hugely important step in building a stronger relationship between you and the girl you’re talking with.

    The first type of humor I recommend for beginners to start with is called Misdirection Humor. Misdirection is mainly based on the audience’s assumption and you’ll realize it’s quite simple to use.

    The second type is called Self-Enhancing humor which involves the ability to laugh at yourself, such as making a joke when something bad has happened to you. It’s also trying to find the humor in everyday situations, and making yourself the target of the humor in a good-natured way.

    The 3rd is Affiliative Humor. This is a way of amusing others to facilitate relationships and this is a powerful style to use when you meet people for the first time because it is positive and inclusive. Think Ellen Degeneres. This can work very well in the workplace, it works in team-building activities, applied improv training, and dance parties.

    Here are a few tips that we recommend that you should know about as well…

    1. Try to work the joke into the context of the conversation

    2. Don’t ask if they want to hear a joke, let it be a surprise

    3. Have a strategy to fall back on if they don’t get the joke, for example: “I guess you had to be there...”

    4. Breathe – take a breath and pause before and after the punch line

    5. Smile and wait for the joke to sink in


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