Unleash Your Inner Artist Makeup Tutorial

  • Published on:  11/6/2018
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  • Moani Sarsona
    Moani Sarsona 9 months ago+19889

    Who else watches these makeup tutorials and doesn't use makeup😂😂 like if you can relate

  • Majdooleen Alsini
    Majdooleen Alsini 3 months ago+1240

    Who's watching this after the drama+2019??😂😂💓

  • Cate lilian
    Cate lilian 7 months ago+1418

    James: puts on the black
    Me: OMG james looks literally so beautiful
    James: I know it looks messing, we will clean it up.
    Me: dies

  • Mahalia Eq
    Mahalia Eq 7 months ago+813

    He actually sang that intro?

  • Dr. Rosanna Porretta
    Dr. Rosanna Porretta 7 months ago+300

    So good
    So fresh
    So helpful

  • Alyssa applesauce
    Alyssa applesauce 9 months ago+4596

    James, a few days ago you replied to my comment during a night where I was not doing too well and feeling very suicidal and I wanted to say thank you so much. You genuinely in that moment saved my life. You’re my sister saviour and I love you so much ❤️ you mean so much to me and so many others and I hope you know how loved you are.

  • Kyra's guide to Life
    Kyra's guide to Life 2 months ago+87

    "Your ears are part of your face" - James Charles 2018

  • Hannah P
    Hannah P 7 months ago+422

    2019 anyone? No? Just me? Okay

  • Anastasia Butzien
    Anastasia Butzien 7 months ago+543

    6:30 those colors remind me of instagram

  • Jourie Aborghea
    Jourie Aborghea 4 months ago+87

    James should come out with a lipstick 💄 line

  • Not A Beauty Guru
    Not A Beauty Guru 9 months ago+2460

    i’m not a mathematician but for people who are saying that the prices are a reach they’re really not. the brush set is $149 and the palette is nearly $39, so every eyeshadow is literally $1 and every brush is around $4.65. the total if you get BOTH is $195 with ONLY taxes because $60+ = free shipping on morphe.com and it’s also available at all ulta locations. BUT james is also giving you the 10% off code which brings it down almost $20. totaling to almost $175. so really the brush set is $136 / the palette is actually $26. this is really great for the product actually being amazing and james being someone we can actually trust and who has been so open about everything. if you want cheap makeup go to the dollar store but the quality won’t touch this. enough being said, james take my money.

  • Sisi Aleman
    Sisi Aleman 7 months ago+101

    I want everything in his merchandise like if you relate

  • stefi baicu
    stefi baicu 7 months ago+38

    James:”Okay look ready”
    puts colour on
    James:”Ugh...hELLO?! SO GOOD”
    F E L T THAT

  • Queen Beach
    Queen Beach 14 days ago+4

    "Your ears are part of your face" - james
    Putting that on my senior qoute.. mwehehe

  • Foxy Fnaf
    Foxy Fnaf 6 months ago+76

    Okay, I don't wear makeup or anything, because I believe it is a hassle. But I can confidently say, I love your tutorials and your makeup looks so good. You, my sister, are a master of makeup, and you make it look so amazing! Thanks for making your amazing videos.

  • mehakpreet mannan
    mehakpreet mannan 9 months ago+1650

    Is it weird that I was paying attention to how white his teeth are. Literally if I had white paint on my lips my yellow teeth would stick out.😂

  • SingingWithMySisters
    SingingWithMySisters 7 months ago+66


  • Shy shy Shy
    Shy shy Shy 3 months ago+19

    James Charles: Peaches n Cream
    Me: Sweeter than sweet, Chocolate cheeks and chocolate wings!💜

  • Unicorn C. Cake Stiles

    James : screeming
    Me sister James don’t scream your gonna give me away, it’s 5:28am

  • Isabelle Marques
    Isabelle Marques 5 months ago+57

    nas quartas nós tentamos seguir o tutorial de maquiagem - Luba 🇧🇷🇧🇷