Every Mortal Kombat 11 Character Explained By Ed Boon | WIRED



  • WIRED 2 months ago

    WARNING: This video contains graphic gameplay footage!

  • Jeremy Conaway 2 days ago

    I know this is mk11, but in mk9 did u purpisly put kamelian in mk9 (theres a scene with kamelian)

  • Icy Glacier 2 days ago

    WIRED so?

  • A Turian on lean 1 months ago

    Ed Boon: D'vorah is a fan favouriteRaiden: I MUST CONSULT WITH THE ELDER GODSDam yall appreciate the likes!

  • A Turian on lean 8 hours ago

    @Austin King *grabs bug spray.

  • Austin King 18 hours ago

    A Turian on lean I main her she’s a blast

  • LevelUpLifting 1 months ago

    3:26 “D’vorah was one of the favorite new characters in MKX” I thought everyone hated her lol

  • JustinTheSpider 21 hours ago

    She my second favorite Mk Character next to my main manJohnny Cage

  • Caden Chance 9 days ago

    I hate divora

  • ALoafofbread 1 1 months ago

    Ed Boon: He’ll actually be working with Scorpion in MK11.**Proceeds to show Sub-Zero decapitating Scorpion.**

  • uncle boobs 8 hours ago

    @Devan Williams his favorite is Devorah he even said

  • YOU-5-IVER 1 months ago

    3:25Boon: D'Vorah was a fan favouriteAny Mileena Fan: Am I a joke to you?Edit: AND TAKEDA FANS

  • uncle boobs 8 hours ago

    Sub zero Is best

  • JustinTheSpider 20 hours ago

    DevilYT i like her

  • Noah Damm 2 months ago

    “Skarlet was one of the most requested characters to come back.”Rain: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • uncle boobs 8 hours ago

    @Neal why would they take out main and important characters? Doesnt make sense

  • Mileena: Ok

  • Ricky Xoxo 1 months ago

    *Cetrion: exists**Tremor: am I a joke to you?*

  • Mothra Kaiju 15 days ago

    Black Troy McClure really I’m gonna take a look at that.

  • Dušan Poljak 1 months ago

    Hi! My name is Ed Boon. I don't sleep. I just do these interviews 24/7.

  • oLogical YT 14 days ago

    Lmao bruh

  • Eduard Eddy 16 days ago

    @Crimson Blue man everything he does he does it with passion.He likes what he does

  • SnazzySazerac98 29 days ago

    Nobody:Literally nobody:Not a single soul:Ed Boon: D’vOrAh Is A fAn FaVoRiTe

  • For Real!? an hour ago

    Ron Xd as a D’Vorah fan, people are showing distaste towards her for a very petty reason in a place where nobody canonically stays dead, since that’s literally the only reason why people hate D’Vorah. What people should really be more ticked off about is her retcon. Prior to anything MKX, D’Vorah was nearly unheard of, and her retcons created inconstancies and holes, and even interferes with some characters’ drive.Example: In MK2011, Kitana not only being disowned by Shao Kahn, who she saw as her f...

  • Jacbocford 1 months ago

    "We wanted to tone Skarlet down a little bit so people wouldn't feel anxious"- Gives a Heart Attack Fatalityok

  • Miggy sergi 22 days ago

    Would you like to taste Australia's best blood sausageNo? Would you settle for me sausage

  • Michael John G 1 months ago

    @SnipingIsFun fakkz