• Published on:  1/4/2019
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  • DEMON 711 11 days ago

    What is the song at 0:43

  • erik jjj 22 days ago

    @The Great PapyrOOF just sersh nico nico nii

  • Othmane Maiti 5 months ago

    You are now GAY like the comment to become straight againEdit: all kids think im saying gay is a bad thing, just doing this for people who doint wanna be gay

  • [Fat]Chungus 4 days ago

    Gay mean Happy btw I didnt like lmao

  • @Patrick no u

  • YunusVandmelon 4 months ago

    Thumbnail : 8:08 do not thank me later all i care about is likes

  • Dekujii 15 days ago


  • Yang Kou Moua 17 days ago

    What is she called

  • Da_Tomata_Chip 5 months ago

    5:45 cutest thing all day

  • Garetto 15 10 days ago


  • Ice Gaming 18 days ago

    8:50 the begining to show how small we really are oof forgot me other comment below↓↓↓

  • paper machete 5 months ago

    9:38 JOJO REFERENCE!!!!!!!!!!

  • okagai 3 months ago


  • IHasACake lol 3 months ago

    Thx for the warning

  • Caz 33 5 months ago

    That’s *how Mafia works*

  • Opis Opis 5 months ago

    Sans the Comic hit or miss

  • LEGO My ego 5 months ago

    I'm a person 2 a

  • wow bro jones 3 days ago

    11:45: Footage of a predator drone shooting hellfires on at an Isis base/ Syria 2005

  • Moto Moto 3 months ago

    4:00 lmao she’s part of the hidden sand village...The Hidden Leafvillage is where it’s at...

  • Srdan Tabak 8 days ago

    Fuck Sunagakure

  • Ice Gaming 19 days ago

    3:23 what the heck Chick-fil-A