Adam22 Feels Bad That His Interview with $tupid Young Violated His Probation (Part 29)

  • Published on:  2/9/2021
  • Part 28:
    Part 1:
    In the final clip, Adam22 and DJ Vlad continued their discussion about their platforms being blamed for rappers incriminating themselves. Adam gave an example of when No Jumper actually played in a rapper's legal issue when $tupid Young violated his probation by waving a gun at the camera. He also talked about shelving a Yung Gleesh interview where the rapper talked about his open sexual assault case.

    Both pointed to VladTV's Lil Baby interview being the reason why people think Vlad works with the feds before pointing out all of the research that goes into their interviews. The interview concluded with both of them highlighting the various Hip Hop couples that have broken up shortly after having a child.