The times that Tre was being cringy

  • Published on:  2/2/2021
  • Today on Spilling the Chisme, we are going to see the times that Mr. Tre Carter has been acting a bit strange. These are just things that have caught my attention which you will see in the following clips shown throughout the video! **Disclaimer: This video is not intended to hate or bash the people that are showed and mentioned in this video. This is strictly for entertainment purposes for all my chismosos y chismosas.** Don't forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe to make sure you guys know when I upload a new video! Also, don't forget to click the bell so that you guys can be notified on my future uploads!!

    **Also a Disclaimer: I decided to censor the daughter of the Us Always family. It is only appropriate to censor the baby's face regardless if the Us Always family film her. It is only respectful towards the Us Always family to not show their daughter's face in this video**

    Song credit: LAKEY INSPIRED- Better Days