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  • Published on:  5/11/2019
  • Spoilers Begin At 14:20: reviews what may be the best videogame movie ever made, Detective Pikachu!So what if that bar is so low, it serves drinks to mole people?Catch Stream Four Star on Twitch!➤ us your energy! Subscribe!➤ our Discord!➤ us create more!➤ us on Twitter➤ us on Facebook➤ our Instagram➤ us on our website➤ you can buy some of our merch at➤


  • Quinn-2112 1 months ago

    Honestly, I thought it was really interesting that it was just 2 hours of Pikachu dancing. A really interesting creative decision by the director. I hope the rest of the pcu stays going in this positive direction.

  • Interesting. 2 full hours? Like...the...I gotta see this.

  • Sebastian 1 months ago

    rofl that intro was hilarious

  • AcemanXD 1 months ago

    SpoilersI thought Mr. Mime would be the creepiest pokemon... then that Ditto revealed itself...

  • TheDragonstorm1993 17 days ago

    What's crazier is that Ditto can use Computers and technology like a regular person.

  • yugoxgc 1 months ago

    @PleaseBeHappy Nah... I wanna look straight into those deep black pearls

  • Karrota Kun 1 months ago

    Seeing Gyarados was pretty cool. Especially since it used its intimidate to scare the Charizard.

  • Yankarlo Chavez 28 days ago

    I didn't even realize that. I just thought it knew damn well its screwed

  • JohnSmithClark 1 months ago

    KappaPride it says spoiler/spoiler free. I expected spoiler warnings. I’d already seen the movie when I made the comment so I was pretty much fucking around, but the least people could do is tag spoiler.

  • climberK02 1 months ago

    I liked the big Torterra scenes cause from the game the Pokédex says “Pokémon can live their entire lives on Torterra’s back” and seeing the smaller ones I’m like, they arnt that big so maybe bugs live on them. But then those big ones come with entire mountains on them so it matches the Pokedex :)

  • Alex Pearcy 1 months ago

    I thought that entire scene was stupid. I felt like the giant Torterra were a bigger problem that the villain's schemes.

  • climberK02 1 months ago

    Lilith Henry that would’ve been so dark but amazing at the same time! XD

  • Barack H. Obama 1 months ago

    A jojo reference right off the bat, very good

  • DaFro3713 1 months ago

    Part 1 was better

  • Garrett Carter 1 months ago

    There was no Jojo here until it was added by Scott. Don't fool yourselves.

  • Littlewolf 1 months ago

    When watching the movie, I kept having those moments of realization of "They fit in so well with real humans, but they're CG, but it's *good* CG"

  • Alondro77 28 days ago

    The most convincing were the background Pokémon, since the lighting and shadowing and color blending were virtually flawless. The opening scene at the farm actually tricked me into thinking I was looking at farm animals until it zoomed in closer. Since I'm not a huge Pokémon fan (haven't followed it since about 1999) I didn't recognize the buffalo/cow Pokémon, and so they fooled me until they were large enough in frame to clearly see they weren't actual animals.

  • Travis Collura 1 months ago

    Yeah. That’s kinda the issue with making animation of something that doesn’t exist in the real world. No matter how good the quality of the Pokémon is, since it doesn’t exist in real life, there is no point of reference.

  • Evan Garrett 1 months ago

    But most important...was there a Chiaotzu?

  • Alondro77 28 days ago

    There was... but it used self-destruct after Napa tried Rock Smash.

  • Ghost Nappa 1 months ago

    He used self was ineffective

  • A dumby named Conor 1 months ago

    If you think about it, this was the first time we ever hear the phrase “oh my Arceus” be said.

  • Jerald Lutney 1 months ago

    @BJGvideos Or they could just be referencing the same entity, much like how the Judeo-Christian deity has at least... 3? 4 proper names, plus another half dozen titles.

  • BJGvideos 1 months ago

    What's funny is that they say "oh sweet mother of Arceus" as well as "oh god", so there seems to be a sense of not only polytheism but of multiple religions.

  • Aiden Neally 1 months ago

    Mob Psyduck 100?

  • Alondro77 28 days ago

    This would work... it must be done.

  • Zach Cremisi 1 months ago

    Police with Growliths was perfect

  • BJGvideos 1 months ago

    I wanted to know if the Golurk outside the building was part of the police force.