Seahawks vs. Bears Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2018



  • Gamerz Grip
    Gamerz Grip 18 days ago

    Cody parkey started good wtf happen to him

  • Qtip
    Qtip 24 days ago

    Refs cheated

  • Bella Gksvxlfbhosv
    Bella Gksvxlfbhosv 1 months ago

    Seattle's the Bears bogus there's probably s*******

  • The Babblers
    The Babblers 1 months ago

    I came back here after Seattle just hit 8-5 to see all the haters predictions

  • MarceelyXx
    MarceelyXx 1 months ago

    Russel Wilson so trash

  • AKMemez
    AKMemez 1 months ago

    Wow the Seahawks have totally changed since week 2

  • AKMemez
    AKMemez 1 months ago

    After this game.. I was disappointed, but now that I see how good the bears are I feel better

  • Kev
    Kev 1 months ago+1

    Thank you bears for waking up the beast. GO HAWKS

  • Broken laughs
    Broken laughs 2 months ago

    At 2:00 that should’ve been ruled as unnecessary roughness

  • teen witch
    teen witch 3 months ago+1

    I wish my grandpa could see how great they’re doing this year. Bear down!

  • Teddy Bonkers
    Teddy Bonkers 3 months ago

    The Seahawks play dirty af

  • Michael Pryor
    Michael Pryor 3 months ago

    Let’s go bears we goin for da mf super bowl🙏🏾

  • Stop Motion Sports
    Stop Motion Sports 3 months ago+1

    4:57 Pete Carrol "Finally a good kicker"

  • Bad Taste
    Bad Taste 3 months ago

    Thompson late hit on Robinson! Wtf?!

  • Gabriel Medina
    Gabriel Medina 3 months ago

    I have watched this 3 times and it makes me smile that the Bears might be good this year let’s just pray to god they make it🙏����

  • CardsCubes andCars
    CardsCubes andCars 3 months ago

    Born and raised in South Side Chicago! GO BEARS!

  • Beardio
    Beardio 3 months ago

    Mack took a play off in the fourth with a minute or so left he just walked up to the offensive lineman than he got taken out the game I don't think anyone caught that

  • Diego Levias
    Diego Levias 3 months ago+1


  • Johnny savage juicy j
    Johnny savage juicy j 3 months ago+1

    1985 again