Seahawks vs. Bears Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2018



  • Matthew
    Matthew 11 months ago+881

    the browns have a better record than the seahawks right now

    ITZz DOOKIE 11 months ago+731

    Who else think the bears got hella better

  • The Finnisher
    The Finnisher 11 months ago+320

    Can we point out these announcers? These guys are some amazing commentators. I want them on every game.

  • The NERO
    The NERO 11 months ago+252

    This Bears defense looks scary man. They out there playing like hyenas....

  • Dane Amann
    Dane Amann 11 months ago+306

    Russell Wilson is the new Andrew Luck. Carries his team as far as he can take them while his coach and management let him get beat to a pulp.

  • The Good Note
    The Good Note 11 months ago+1375

    Seahawks aren't the same anymore.

  • Max Cherkasskikh
    Max Cherkasskikh 11 months ago+151

    So painful to watch for Wilson.

  • coasterman20
    coasterman20 11 months ago+435

    RIP Seattle Bandwagon 2012-2018

  • Montaque Jones
    Montaque Jones 11 months ago+190

    If your team is in the NFC North do not sleep on these Bears.

  • 57Bruso
    57Bruso 11 months ago+583

    Raiders incredibly stupid for not paying Mack

  • G-Dub 85
    G-Dub 85 11 months ago+347

    Mack literally looks like a grizzly bear. That jersey fits him perfectly

  • Ace
    Ace 11 months ago+279

    I’m sorry, but bears jersey #23 should be retired; that number brought way too many memories in soldier field.

  • Sean Hoke
    Sean Hoke 11 months ago+132

    All they need is for Turbisky to tighten up his passes, and the Bears are going to be lethal.

  • Ddon Garrison
    Ddon Garrison 10 months ago+18

    On behalf of all of Chicago..we thank u Jon gruden..

  • Comment Warrior
    Comment Warrior 11 months ago+40

    love the bears d they won me a fantasy game I was down 20 all I had was the bears d and they scored 22.

  • RC Headhuncho
    RC Headhuncho 11 months ago+37

    Not A Bears Fan But I Like Mack & Its Good To See Him Doing Well In Chicago Looks Like He Injected The Confidence You Guys Needed To Be A Threat In The NFC Again. I Like What The Bears Are Doing. Hopefully My Saints Can Get Our Rematch From 06’

  • lamasizzy05
    lamasizzy05 11 months ago+46

    I miss the true Legion of Boom Seahawks. That 2012-2014 team was legendary. They were a once in a generation defense.

  • 103rd Flex
    103rd Flex 11 months ago+53

    Chicago is gonna dominate the north in a few seasons. All the other qb's in the division got one foot out the door and the Bears are building a solid team around their franchise qb

  • Rolex Collector
    Rolex Collector 11 months ago+38

    Should have ran that ball 🏈

  • Fabricio Piotto
    Fabricio Piotto 11 months ago+443

    poor wilson, he's literally running for his life every game