SIZZLING Hotpot, Soup Dumplings & SPICY Noodles: Bay Area Food Tour!

  • Published on:  3/31/2017
  • This is my last food video while still living in the Bay Area. I had some amazing Sizzling Hotpot, Soup Dumplings, steam dumplings and of course Noodles. The restaurants:►Subscribe for more videos about food!★↓FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL MEDIA!↓★Facebook Show Page: Mike Fan Page: MikeychenxPeriscope: MikexingchenMusic: http://www.purple-planet.comSoundtrack by Silk Music: name: Blood Groove & Kikis - Sweet Harmony Dapple Apple - Cognac 1994 (Teana & Tiida Remix) Johan Vilborg - Second Wind Johan Vilborg - Altara [Silk Music] Masoud & Tara Louise - Goodbye (meHiLove Instrumental Remix) Get tickets to the best show on earth!!!


  • Strictly Dumpling 2 years ago

    HIIII!!! I did try the burger again at the second place and it was much better but I think I was spoiled from the Vancouver pork burger so it was just ok :-/ Also I want to say thank you to all the great people in the Bay Area, sorry my stay was so brief but I really enjoyed my time there. Love you, mean it!

  • Alan’s Outdoors 1 years ago

    Strictly Dumpling 4

  • Adel Levi 2 years ago

    he went full gordon ramsay on the burger lmao

  • Shaneequa L. 6 months ago

    Levi Scott he really did 🤣🤣🤣

  • J F 2 years ago

    mikey is the most friendly animated guy I know, I feel like hes a friend even though ill never meet him

  • Elizabeth Buss 1 months ago

    Totally agree haha

  • Zura Hollow 2 years ago

    You should advertise your other channels or at least include them into your description. A year ago I fell in love with your beyond science channel. I didn't know about your foodie channel until MONTHS later. Then today when I saw your comment response video, I find out you have a vlogging Mike..

  • Gabrielle Giner 4 months ago


  • Game Start 6 months ago

    what the hell i didnt know he had another channel with 2 million subs...

  • silent horrors 2 years ago

    "we have fried shrimp, bean sprouts, cauliflower, eww, red pepper, " I died when he said eww

  • Emma Carns 11 days ago

    He hates broccoli and cauliflower!

  • re hash 2 years ago

    Man those dry hot pots looked amazing, but damn, sea food is just too much work for me. It's like 90% peeling, 10% eating.

  • rec0il _1 1 months ago

    re hash if you think food is work you must be a youngster

  • Josh Silvestre 2 years ago

    "NOT ENOUGH HOT OIL" -Strictly Dumpling

  • Anna. St ._. 10 months ago

    Mike+Hot Oil=❤️

  • Rags Riches 1 years ago

    Josh Silvestre true love this channel makes me hungry every time

  • Zzy Eggman 2 years ago

    How can you eat tendon, tongue, organs, brain, heart, liver and much more food that is classified as weird for quite a lot of people but you can't eat broccoli

  • Rebecca Best 1 months ago

    Brain is actually super delicious!!

  • Nuke 4807 7 months ago

    @Lana Banana no it's not broccoli is really good, u boil it with a little salt

  • Aaron B  2 years ago

    jesus christ that pork burger at the start of the video made me laugh that thing should cost $1

  • Can0fpepsi 1 years ago

    yea, pretty sad looking dishes

  • rufie Clark 1 years ago

    Strictly Dumpling i agree

  • james tangpua 2 years ago

    There was a ad before the video and I didn't skip, you just earned money 💵 💵 big fan

  • HANSI 1 years ago

    james tangpua. for the expensive food 😅