Cyanide & Happiness Compilations - Parenting



  • Evan Langston
    Evan Langston 3 months ago+3664

    I love how the dad says “for the poison in your birthday cake” and the kid in the background is casually eating the cake

  • Fuc Hiigi
    Fuc Hiigi 3 months ago+1441

    Star Wars:we made the worst father ever
    Cyanide and happiness: hold my kid

  • This username is not unnecessarily long

    The homestead will always actually be really sad

  • Alg 2003
    Alg 2003 3 months ago+1436

    Child: exists
    Parent: "You are like drugs."
    Child: " you can't live without me?"

  • Willimations Last Name
    Willimations Last Name 3 months ago+1433

    has sex
    Honey, do you think we should use protection?

  • TootsieASMR
    TootsieASMR 3 months ago+672

    She protecc
    She attacc
    But most importantly
    She steps on a crack to break her mama's bacc

  • samtherat6
    samtherat6 3 months ago+480

    The Tumblebutts music sounding exactly like the music from when Cersei blows up the sept always gets me.

  • Sketchy Trap
    Sketchy Trap 3 months ago+548

    My favorite one is when the dad leaves me.
    hol' up

  • Contemplating Bananaplier
    Contemplating Bananaplier 3 months ago+107

    The Waterpark was surprisingly wholesome,
    Edit: saw the end clip, knew i could always count on dark comedy

  • christopher Bantay
    christopher Bantay 3 months ago+146

    C&H literally has a problem with kids

  • Jerry Udonneedtoknow
    Jerry Udonneedtoknow 3 months ago+100

    The boy who got his xbocks, stab a horse with a knife, got red blood on his shirt, the sky is blue, red and blue combined is purple, the boy used a knife, THE PURPLE SHITED EYE STABBER
    The girl is wearing purple, her dad is using a gardening hose, some gardening tools are knives, purple shirt, knives? PURPLE SHIRTED EYE STABBER
    Fat boi wears glasses, under glasses are eyes, his glasses are red, the guy used his eyes and saw fat boi sliding while wearing a blue shirt, red? Blue? Eyes? THE PURPLE SHIRTED EYE STABBER
    In the house a purple carpet, carpet is cloth, cloth can be used to make a shirt, purple carpet shirt? Big eyed kids, toy soldiers. Soldiers have weapons, weapons include guns, grenades, and knives. Knives! Purple shirt, eyes, knives! THE PURPLE SHIRTED EYE STABBER
    Drunk bois, fighting involves weapons, hands are weapons, hands can hold knives. Behind them a couch, the light shines purple, purple color is created from a purple glass, glass is from sand, Anakin Skywalker doesnt like sand, anakin fought mace windu, mace windu has purple light saber, purple? Knife, many heads with eyes in them, THE PURPLE SHIRTED EYE STABBER
    Outside is a farm, farms grow vegetables, eggplant is a vegetable, eggplant is purple, to farm you need tools like a rake, wood sticks are on a rake, wood comes from trees, axes are used to cut trees, firefighters have axes, firefighters work with police sometimes, police knock on doors to ask questions if there is a crime, the last sentencs has the letters of the word knife, tumblebutts have eyes, hundreds of tumblebutts, many eyes to stab, the clouds at dawn a pink and purple, clouds have water, water grows plants, plants have plant fibers used to make clothes, purple cloud, clothes from purple clouds, purple shirt, knives, eyes, THE PURPLE SHIRTED EYE STABBER
    Theres a girls with a purple swim suit, and im not doing another story, so PURPLE SHIRTED EYE STABBER

  • Srija Saha
    Srija Saha 3 months ago+114

    The red shirt boy behind the birthday boy is a whole mood.

  • Timothy D.
    Timothy D. 3 months ago+122

    Who has school in the morning but is staying up to watch this??
    Rest easy Kings and Queens

  • Ahegao Akunie
    Ahegao Akunie 3 months ago+1257

    I remember when the “ step on a crack “ blew up in 2017

  • Timothy D.
    Timothy D. 3 months ago+328

    BE AWARE!!! There could be spoilers in comments about Avengers Endgame..
    Scroll safely 😤

  • cheeseburger
    cheeseburger 3 months ago+60

    When you saw this already and you bout to watch it again...
    "Ah shit, here we go again"

  • Cringe researcher
    Cringe researcher 3 months ago+99

    It was at 666 likes when he brought up that dark voice “OR LET EVERYONE DIE”

  • Ambuj Patel
    Ambuj Patel 3 months ago+59

    He should have gone inside too.. (tumble butts)

  • MontereyMac 46
    MontereyMac 46 3 months ago+23

    We could never take care of kids, the way you're drinking
    Hehehe exactly

  • Dank Snake
    Dank Snake 3 months ago+14

    Top ten saddest moments in anime