I Am a Thoughtful Guy - Cover (Ben Stanley)

  • Published on:  7/13/2012
  • My submission for Rhett and Link's cover contest of their rap song, "I Am a Thoughtful Guy" (http://youtu.be/U6y7YOlldek). Please keep in mind that this video is a very tough-in-cheek kind of rap. It shouldn't be taken as seriously as I make it out to be.

    Ben Stanley, Thomas Fischer, Upsilon, Charlie Stanley, Bobbi Lee, Jonathan Lee, Grant Lee, Ashlin Lee, Marae Lee, Michael Lee, David Lee

    Days of Filming: 7
    Hours of Editing: 8.5
    Money Spent: ~$23

    Thanks to United Volunteers, the shop that I work for, for allowing me to film in various locations in and around their property.
    And credit also goes to my mom for helping me direct my nephew, Charlie, and for making sure he didn't actually eat the penny. Also, thanks goes to my dad for lending me his iPhone on which I could use Magic Piano.
    No animals were harmed in the making of this video.